JACKSONVILLE, FL – As in all things football, the final outcome came down to a kick, except that this was not a game-winning field goal, but former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer kicking former place-kicker Josh Limbo, that turned out to be the final straw down in Duval, as Meyer would be terminated by owner Shad Khan Thursday afternoon.

13 games into a five-year deal, Meyer becomes the first head coach since the AFL-NFL merger to not last a full season after drafting the top overall pick. In a 2-11 season that had more drama than a Hard Knocks episode, Meyer’s reign of error began in earnest by hiring former Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle—who resigned the next day, after reports of racist actions in February.

After flopping in signing former Gator QB—and regional icon—Tim Tebow as a TE, Meyer drafts TB Travis Etienne, despite already having James Robinson on the roster, only to later admit that he wanted former Florida WR Kadarius Toney.

After openly disclosing that he would cut players due to their vaccine status, Meyer would have an open competition for quarterback between Gardner Minshew and Trevor Lawrence.

No. You can’t make this up if you tried. I mean, if it was a commercial for hair and grooming, then yes, Uncle Rico vs. Sunshine all day, but seriously, at this point the wheels under the Meyer-mobile were already coming off.


Not even after choosing to travel with his own team following a loss to the Bengals, to go to a Columbus-area bar and get caught with a blond wannabe Insta-thot—who wasn’t his wife—calling his coaches “losers”, and getting into a verbal confrontation with WR Marvin Jones wasn’t enough for Khan to fire Meyer, but kicking a kicker is?

Personally, I’m not sure which is worse, Meyer being allowed in the NFL, or a clueless billionaire such as Khan being allowed to own an NFL franchise?

Not to channel my inner conspiracy theorist, but it’s no secret that the NFL covets having a franchise across the pond in London. Let’s connect the dots here, Khan happens to be blowing some serious Bennies on South London-based English club, Fulham F.C. in addition to the floundering Jaguars.

Let’s just say that Khan gets a Godfather-like offer to relocate the Jaguars 4,200-plus miles to London, where a sparkling brand-new NFL-level stadium awaits them at Tottenham.

Can you say London Super Bowl!

Also, with the Jags current lease set to expire in 2030, and Jacksonville having not agreed to extend their lease to stay at TIAA Bank Field, as they say in the world of crime, follow the money.

With the proposed $441 million dollar project for a new stand-alone facility now in limbo, thanks to Meyer no longer in the picture, you have to wonder, what if Khan has some plans of his own?

For now, Darrell Bevell is in place, all in Duval seems a lot quieter—and no more eyerolling and grumbling about when Meyer will be gone, perhaps both the Jaguars and Khan can rest a bit easier and focus on winning.


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