What Is Bullying On Social Media And What To Do About It!

Just like any other bullying, social media bullying is harmful and it might even be worse. That it is difficult to get away from it and it can reach you wherever you are and no matter what you are doing. Statistics at broadbandsearch.net social media statistics indicate that it increases with each passing year.

What Can You Do When Bullied Online?

When you get on social media, you are bullied through text messages.Being online on your tablet, phone, or computer most of the time could mean that, you might find yourself being a victim of bullying which will make you feel as if there is no safe place to be. But even with that, there are things which you can do to stop being bullied online:

· Change Your Privacy Setting: Ensure that all the social media accounts which you have, have privacy settings which is very strict. Set your accounts to private or friends only.

· Unfriend And Block: Block any harassing accounts, phone numbers or email addresses.

· Your Personal Details Have To Be Kept Private: You don’t post your phone number, home address, name of your school, or whatever you consider personal information about yourself.

· You Can Take A Break From Computer Or Phone: If you have a feeling that the bullying online will not stop, then you can decide to take break from social media. Put your phone out of sight after turning off your phone.

· Save Harassing Texts, Emails, Or Message: Take screen shots of harassment from the social media. Down the line, you can use it as evidence when the need arises.

· Report Any Bullying When It Happens: Report online abuse on social media if you are bullied on the platforms. For other sites, you can report to the site admins whenever you are bullied.

· Confide In An Adult Whom You Trust: Talk with a teacher, parent, counselor, coach or someone you believe will be supportive to you. You can only receive help from an adult when they are aware of what you are going through.

· Don’t Respond To Threatening Or Mean Messages: Because if you do, then it will just make the bullying worse. It is possible that you can find yourself in problems if you bully back.

· For Serious Threats, Report To The Police: In case someone threatens you, or shares sexual videos or pictures of you online, you have a right to report the same to the nearest police station.

You might find it hard to care about the feelings of a bully, but truth be told, those people who bully are normally insecure and in pain concerning themselves. So they decide to take their frustrations out on you.

It is not right but it could be helpful to remember that the actions which they have towards you which is mean, is not about you but all about their own insecurities. You are someone who is valuable and important in the world and no matter what others say you did not do anything to deserve what the bully is doing towards you.


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