Singing up for a twitch channel is fairly easy, but the real challenge begins after you decide to step into the vast world of online streaming. Once completely accessorized, your twitch channel will act as a platform to help you showcase your gaming talents to rest of the world.

Right before you start streaming on your twitch channel, you’ll have to make a twitch info panel and add all the relevant information on it to facilitate the new viewers. Here are some steps of making a twitch panel.

Creating The Info Panel

Info panel is the real estate on your twitch channel which displays all the information about your and your interests to all the viewers who click on your twitch name and visit you channel. You can fill up the info panel with some information about yourself and your twitch live stream.

The process of adding a panel to your twitch stream is pretty easy, all you have to do is click on the “Edit Panels” area of you main twitch channel page followed by clicking on “Add Panels”.

You can choose the title of your panel according to your liking, but remember that “About Me” is the mostly used title for the twitch info panel. In addition to making your very own panel, you can also choose from a wide variety of free twitch panels available on different popular websites. If you’re determined to make your channel look premium, you can even buy the panels from some popular online sources.

After typing in or uploading your twitch info panel, you k on the “Submit” button to complete the process.

What Type Of Panels To Choose?

There are literally a lot of free panel designs that you can download and use from some of the popular websites in this domain, but if you don’t like the panels listed for free, you can make your own customized and one-of-a-kind twitch info panels to make your channel truly personalized according to your taste and liking.

Here is a list of the info panels that you can add to your twitch channel.

· Your Bio: As a streamer, sharing your full bio and gaming interests (including any accomplishments) to your info panel is a must, because this is the only thing on your channels that’ll tell your viewers who your really are, and what games you live to play.

· Your Streaming Time: This one is applicable only of you’re a regular streamer and live to stream on fixed time everyday. However, you don’t need to bother about this option if you’re a part timers and stream every now and then without following any specific time table.

· Links To Your Social Media: Adding links to your social media on the information panel is also a good practice especially of you’re looking to increase your subscriber base. Some streamers even add links to some charity sites to raise funds for different projects. So, use this real estate carefully to make the most impact.

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