Are you a new rider and would like to get acquainted with saddle pads, or you are a veteran that has been riding for long and looking to brush up on their knowledge? Look no further. A western saddle pad will protect your horse from immense pressure by distributing the pressure over the back of the horse. A good pad will also work to dissipate heat and wicks moisture off the back of the horse. It protects your horse and keeps it cool as you ride the horse. Here are tips on how to select a good saddle pad, where to place it, and how to maintain it.

● Fit And Placement

A saddle fit is the foundation of any saddle setup. The saddle might be endowed with features, but if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it will be of no use. If your horse doesn’t have any unusual conformations, then the sweat on the back of the horse should be even when you remove the saddle. If you see any unusual or unsightly dry spots, the saddle doesn’t fit as it used to or the pads are worn out.

It is necessary to get a professional saddle pad fitter to help you to choose a saddle. A saddle fitter can also create a saddle for a horse that has any conformations on its back. A saddle should sit on the horse’s withers to protect it.

● Material

Choose a blanket that will suit your preferred ride length and purpose. First, it’s good to know if your horse is allergic to certain materials. The material should not be used to make a saddle pad. The base woven can be made of several materials; it can be made of felt, fleece, neoprene, and other synthetics. Materials vary in density and their cushioning capacity. Some materials like fleece have been in use since time immemorial and have proven to be efficient in cushioning and heat dissipation.

Synthetics are also being created those feature characteristics of various materials. Synthetics are therefore efficient, and some are cheap. Even though they cannot be directly compared to naturally occurring materials, they still do the intended job. As a rider, it’s good to select the best and superior materials for your horse.

● Care

Caring for your saddle pad allows it to stay for longer and serve for many rides. It is paramount to invest in a good saddle pad. If your saddle loses its fill, after washing and brushing it doesn’t return to its original shape, then it is time to replace your saddle. Neoprene should be replaced it cracks or hardens.

Maintain your pad regularly, let it air dry after you have washed it. Make sure it is completely dry before storage. Store the pad upside down so as to reduce pressure on the underside. If you are uncertain about the durability of your pad, or unsure of the care procedures, it is best to contact your blanket manufacturer for instructions.

A western saddle pad is a device that will keep you and your horse happy. Your horse will be especially grateful for it as the weight will be distributed equally on the back of the horse. The horse can sweat and keep cool also.

Sandale Saddlery has been supplying a huge range of needs to equestrian sports and activities, including saddles, horse rugs, and horse bits. Saddle pads are a huge investment; hence, they should be cared for to increase their operating lifespan.

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