Most architects, interior designers, and real estate agents realize they require 3D visualization services at some time. They have several inquiries before hiring a contractor. For example, why hire a CGI studio when a freelancer can do the job just as well? Is a 3d architectural rendering team genuinely required for a project?

Working with a CG professional team offers obvious advantages as an architectural visualization business with years of expertise. In this post, we will explain the function of each CGI team member in 3D rendering projects. Having a team of experts makes working with a 3D visualization studio easy and efficient. Let’s see who makes a great CG staff!

Client Manager


A client manager helps you and your 3D visualization team communicate effectively. The CM is the first person you contact at a CGI company. They are there to tell you about the services available. When you start a project, they’ll be your main point of contact throughout the process.

A client manager will assist you with the following:

  • coordinating budget and timeline
  • Using the studio’s CRM system.
  • Providing the CGI team with your brief.
  • A/R compiling
  • An NDA.
  • preparing tax papers
  • Giving comments to the team.

As you can see, a CM is vital. This expert ensures the team receives all of your requests. Plus, the CM is always available for project-related questions.

Project Manager

Then a project manager. This expert’s job in a 3D rendering team is to coordinate work efficiently.

Given time and financial limitations, a project manager helps you get the most out of working with a 3D visualization team. You always receive perfect outcomes and are on schedule thanks to a PM’s efforts.

CG Modeler

3d visualisation

This specialist uses 3D modeling software such as 3ds Max to create 3D models of buildings and other things for your graphics. Here are the duties of a 3D modeler:

  • Making CG models from scratch from your brief’s drawings.
  • Using 3D models from a CGI studio’s collection or external stock images.
  • I am submitting the 3D modeling findings for your approval.

When all 3D items are complete, it’s time to generate stunning photorealistic pictures. A CG visualizer does that.

CG Visualizer

CG modeler and CG visualizer are sometimes distinct experts. But many CG experts possess both kinds of abilities. A visualizer’s job is to produce 3D pictures with a pleasing composition and a compelling message to market your idea.

Its job is to convert 3D images into creative masterpieces and create a visually attractive narrative for your idea.

Team Lead

It may be a PM, 3D modeler, or visualizer. Not every project has this function. When: Two or more modeling and visualization teams are engaged.

A large-scale project with a high expense. One project comprises services like static 3D visuals and 3D animation.

Now you understand how much effort goes into producing great 3D visualization outcomes. Only a professional team can do it. So working with a professional studio that can offer such a degree of competence is the best option.

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