Shower Wall Ceramic Subway Tiles

Are you planning to redesign your bathroom with new tiles? Are you looking for the perfect shower wall? Shower wall ceramic subway tile is the perfect match for your bathroom. No matter what theme you are selecting, Subway tiles are recognized as the ideal tiles for the bathrooms.

As per the expert interior designers, ceramic subway tiles are the ideal shower wall tilings as they are reliable and long-lasting. If you still want to discover more regarding Shower Wall Ceramic Subway Tile, keep reading the blog further.

This blog will help you with accurate information regarding Subway Ceramic Tiles. Keep reading and discover why they are called ideal shower wall tiles.

What are the Subway Ceramic Tiles?

The name “Subway Tile” was adopted from the substations of New York City. The concept refers to rectangular tiles with a 50% offset laid horizontally. They have a standard dimension of 3 by 6 inches. The core element of subway tiles is “ceramic tile.

This  tile is popular for its royal looks, style, and long-lasting durability. As per the professionals, Subway tiles are highly hygienic. One more reason behind its significant impact on people is that it can be cleaned easily.

Benefits of installing Subway Ceramic Tiles

Here are some of the benefits why you must install shower wall ceramic subway tiles. I am pretty sure after reading the plus points, you will understand why they are so prominent.

Cleanliness and Hygiene is Considered

The tiles belong from the Victorian Era. Victorian people are fond of cleanliness and hygiene. The tile design ensures the hygiene perspective of the walls in the kitchen and the bathroom.

A shower wall must be easy to clean and hygienic. Here, the ceramic subway tiles play a vital role in keeping your shower wall hygienic.

Easy Maintenance

Just like the above fact , maintenance is the other crucial factor we consider. Ceramic subway tiles are available in a variety of options. Here, the quality of the tiles allows the customers to experience easy maintenance.

Unless you go for an unglazed tile, you won’t face any problem with maintaining the shower walls. The Glossy and simple structure designs and patterns make it perfect for easy maintenance.

Simple Installation

The installation part is crucial. When planning to redesign your bathroom, you will always want a quick result. Ceramic subway tiles are straightforward to install. The quick and fast installation and maintenance of the tile will allow you to access your bathrooms soon.

The installation process is straightforward, which creates minimal mess.

Limitless & Classic Design Options

The designs and patterns of ceramic subway tiles are available in numerous varieties. You can explore the options of enjoying a customized design for your shower wall. You will get different options in the market. Explore the varieties and decide which one suits you the best in your bathroom.

Safer for Shower Walls

In the end, we will always want our shower walls to be safe. After all, while using the shower, it is evident that the floorings and walls will be wet. The wet flooring and wall can lead to a loss of your balance and grip. In such conditions, it is beneficial to use a safe tile.

Ceramic subway tile structuring is made of soft and curved corners. The structure makes them safe for your shower walls.

The Bottom Line

After this blog, it is clear why shower wall ceramic subway tiles are so beneficial for your bathroom. Every factor you consider to make your bathroom wall perfect is available in ceramic subway tiles. Thus, they are known as the ideal tiles for your shower walls.

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