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Why Chemistry Is The Warriors Truest Weapon

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So what is the Golden State Warriors truest weapon?

Curry. Durant. Klay. Draymond. Boogie. Five all-stars in one starting set?

How about at times they seem off, and at times they are on. And when they are on, they are downright scary?

This is not their most pertinent weapon either.

A healthy team. Clicking on all cylinders. Shots falling out of the sky from all distances, angles, and forms?


Sixth man and former Finals MVP Andre Iguodala leading a very deep bench? Quin Cook spelling Stephen Curry effectively? Kevon Looney banging the boards? Steve Kerr coaching? Mike Brown’s defensive prowess as a coach? The loudness of Roaracle Arena? Any of those things?


Then what is their most pertinent weapon.

How about this, a combination of all of those items. We like to call it CHEMISTRY.

Yes chemistry. That is the most pertinent weapon of the reigning 2-time NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

Their only competition is within themselves.

Now granted earlier in the season they had some very internal issues. Arguments between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green led to a four-game losing streak. In fact they endured that kind of streak TWICE. By Dubs’ standards, the 14 losses are a struggle season.

And yet here they sit, first in the Western Conference, 20 games above .500, getting Boogie Cousins in the lineup, on a 9-game roll, and just looking like they are hitting their stride.

Want to know the scariest thing? Their best basketball is not even CLOSE to being found.

I’ll bore you with the numbers – leaders in the NBA in scoring at 118.9, leaders in assists at 29.2 – and even THAT is down from years prior, leaders in field goal percentage per game at 49.1, and what may come as a surprise to most, leaders in blocked shots at 6.3 per game.

What’s all that mean? These guys love playing basketball. They love each other at teammates, they know the common goal – a third straight title (and two more to open Chase Center in SF in my opinion). They make sacrifices for the team goals. I offer Kevin Durant as an example. Taking less money to get Stephen Curry signed.

Now it may be very true that Durant may leave after this season, but I seriously doubt it. Why would you want to leave when you’re on a team where you can be a leader and be part of a team concept at the same time. He NEVER EVER EVER had that in OKC and never would have. He knows and has stated several times over that this is Stephen Curry’s team.

In actuality, it’s EVERYONE’s team in this franchise. From Joe Lacob and Peter Guber to Steve Kerr and his staff, to the players, the fans, the broadcast teams, everyone involved with #DubNation.

If you take a look at this team, how can a team put up 29 assists per game on a nightly basis? Easy. When you have the best damn point guard in the game that’s also the best shooter in the game, it frees up shots for everyone else. The ball does something in the Bay that it does not do with other teams – it MOVES. Warriors TV voice Bob Fitzgerald has quite a few occasions of saying “on the hop.” Which means the ball is moving inside, outside, around the perimeter, in and out of the post, sideline to sideline, halfcourt, full court, you name it. The ball MOVES.

Which leads me back to an earlier point – these guys love to play the sport, and play the sport with their teammates, and most importantly, they play for each other.

Let me say that again, THEY PLAY FOR EACH OTHER.

Joe Lacob on the night his group took over in 2010 in front of a full house said “That’s a lonely flag up there” in reference to their 1975 World Championship banner that hangs high up top Oracle Arena. “We want to get another one”.

Boy have they done that and then some.

And they did it with the right amount of chemistry. This concludes our lesson for the day. If you want to see some great basketball, dial into #DubNation

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