Whether you have a problem with unsightly spider veins or varicose veins that cause discomfort, visiting a vein doctor in El Paso can help you feel better and deal with the situation effectively. Spider veins are caused by the accumulation of blood in capillaries. They are characterized by a purplish, blue, or red web-like discoloration on the skin surface. While most people seek treatment for spider veins for cosmetic reasons, they can have minor symptoms such as burning or itching around the affected area. Varicose veins occur when weak or abnormal veins swell and fill with blood. They come with uncomfortable symptoms such as aching or swelling in the legs, which may prompt you to visit an El Paso general surgery specialist for treatment. 

Why Should You Prioritize Early Intervention?

Although varicose veins and spider veins are primarily cosmetic issues, you need to seek early medical intervention. They can point towards more severe health issues such as thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

Since spider veins and varicose veins result from faulty or weakened veins, visiting a vein specialist in El Paso for early treatment can help prevent more severe complications in the future. They can also provide details on some lifestyle changes that can help you avoid recurring varicose and spider veins. 

When Should You See a Doctor?

  • You Experience Swelling or Pain in Only One Leg

While inflammation and pain are primarily signs of joint or muscle injuries, they can also indicate vein or circulatory problems. If you have pain, fluid retention, or swelling in only one of your legs, you could have problems with circulation in the affected leg, and you need to see a doctor.

  • Apparent Swollen and Discolored Veins Under the Skin

Blue, purple, or red veins below the skin are an indication of trouble. Although many people only view varicose veins as a cosmetic problem, they can signify a venous disorder or cause complications. More enormous varicose veins may result in discomfort, a burning sensation, or dryness. They may appear twisted or as a bulge, almost similar to having a rope below your skin.

  • Heavy and Weak Legs at the End of the Day

If you have healthy veins in your legs, you should not feel weak or heavy after standing for a long time. If you have this happening regularly, you may need to see a doctor find out if you have any blockages or problems with the veins in your legs.

  • You Experience Vein Problems in a Previous Pregnancy

Pregnancy can put stress on the circulatory system. It increases blood pressure straining the thin vein walls. You may develop hemorrhoids which are a form of varicose veins which occur during pregnancy. If you have had any vein problems in an earlier pregnancy, talking to a doctor can help you avoid them in the current or future pregnancies.

In summary, varicose veins and spider veins can cause discomfort and pain. Have an early intervention as they could indicate more severe problems or circulatory issues. You should see a doctor if you experience pain and heavy or weak legs at the end of the day. You should also consider seeing a specialist if you have had vein problems or swollen and discolored veins in previous pregnancies.

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