Thankfully, the construction industry in Australia is still operational in today’s current Covid climate, but the climate in general can have a diverse effect on your onsite safety needs. When your construction site is plagued by the effects of strong winds, it can turn your construction signs and temporary fencing into an unforeseen hazard, posing a threat to your site personnel and the general public.

Although construction signs are an effective form of advertising, as well as a way of maintaining discretion onsite, there are a wide range of options that you need to consider when it comes to choosing which kind of material to use for your signage. The main priority of any building site is to keep the site safe and there are now a number of innovative possibilities when it comes to your construction signs to help you do just that.


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How to Keep Your Site Safe?

Multipurpose fence signs

Where to Buy Mesh Banners in Australia

The Best Mesh Signs to Buy for High Winds

Selecting the right banner mesh

Harshness of Australian weather

Select the most appropriate grade of mesh

Are There Other Options?

Should you go for shade cloth?

Things to Consider


How to Keep Your Site Safe?

Proper installation of fencing may seem like an obvious one, but it is the first step you can take to ensure your fencing is stable and secure. You should use stabilizing equipment like braces and strut systems when fitting your fencing panels, as well as reflective strips so they can be easily seen in the dark.

Keep in mind that when fencing panels are interlinked, if one goes down, they all will. Falling fences do not only cause hazards, but can directly result in decreased productivity, as members of your staff will have to keep lifting them back up.

Adding a heavy PVC construction sign to your temporary fencing can result in the sign catching the wind and, on a high wind day, can result in the fencing becoming unbalanced and dangerous.

  • Multipurpose fence signs

Quality Australian mesh fence banners are a simple but effective way to prevent accidents, disruption, and damage on your site, while maintaining dust control and meeting council regulations.

In terms of safety, if a mesh sign detaches from your temporary fencing, it is unlikely to cause damage or injury compared to other weightier materials available. Temporary fencing also offers a great platform for the promotion of a business—a unique way to boost your brand by creating your own billboard.


Where to Buy Mesh Banners in Australia

Sourcing quality mesh fence in Australia that offers longevity can be tough. Mesh banners are the perfect way to temper those blustery days as well as advertise your business with premium quality, safe signage. It provides the perfect solution to your construction signage needs and helps manage safety concerns while also creating impact and advertising for your Australian business.

The original and leading site signage experts at FenceWrap offer cost-effective mesh banners for signage that can counteract the effects of tumultuous weather on sites across the country.



The Best Mesh Signs to Buy for High Winds

Designed with high-quality materials, mesh banners can be used as construction signs to withstand strong winds and the harsh Australian climates. In these various types of weather, you need fence mesh that’s good for wind flow and can display your message to the audience in an easy-to-recognise way.

  • Selecting the right banner mesh

Purchasing mesh banners to use as your construction signs on provisional fencing promotes air permeability. Designed to allow wind flow using large open weave, this helps prevent the fencing from falling over, causing accidents and damages. It can still control dust and can be printed on for advertising, making mesh fencing banners ideal for builders, scaffolding companies, and property developers.

Fence mesh is also super simple to install, using cable ties through eyelets to secure to fences, making it easy to assemble and take down when you move on to your next project.

  • Harshness of Australian Weather

Under the harsh Australian sun, construction signs with advertising graphics can easily fade, especially the further north you go due to the higher levels of UV light. With high-quality printing, mesh fence panels have a life expectancy of 2-3 years, making them a cost-effective method of promoting your brand. This type of signage can work well at exposed construction sites, as well as in high wind settings like coasts and ports.

  • Select the most appropriate grade of mesh

The grades of mesh will vary depending on your business requirements, the site, and the quality of the printed graphics you want, but with the latest advancements in printing technologies, essentially the sky’s the limit.


Are There Other Options?

If wind isn’t a concern but you want high-quality printed advertising on your construction signs, other options such as 100% PVC can be used. This is highly effective for privacy concerns onsite and offers an extra sense of security as it is fully opaque.

  • Should you go for shade cloth?

High-quality fabric cloth is another choice. However, it typically doesn’t last long under direct sunlight, which is not ideal for sunny Australian weather. Shade cloth is also readily available and can be printed on to vividly represent your brand. All of these options are a sure-fire way to grab the attention of passers-by, as well as making it easier for contractors and delivery services to locate your site in a busy industrial environment.

Things to Consider

For a smooth and efficient service at the manufacturers, you need to think about what product best suits your site. If you are building in an open area in Australia, take into account wind speeds on blustery days and the probability of disruptions to your fencing due to wind flow.

Know the dimensions of your fencing to get the best size for your desired signage, and consider if you would like to have your company logo printed onto the material to help promote the growth of your business so your construction site signs really stand out. You should also check the site regulations with the local council to ensure that your signage and temporary fencing will be deemed satisfactory and safe.


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