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GMass: How and Why Gmail’s New Mail Merge Is A Game-Changer

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Pretend you are at the office and you need to send an email. You need to CC the CEO, CFO, COO about the results of a prospective new project from a potential client.

You’re running a bit behind and you also need to send status updates to your project manager and supervisor, when you fail to do so, you now have to answer to upper management including your supervisor, president and the CEO of your company and could very much find yourself out of a job.

All of this could have been avoided if you used GMass’ new mail merge for GMail, and killed all of those proverbial birds with one stone. Used by employees of Uber, Twitter, Google and Linkedin, GMass is a bonafide game-changer in the growing mail merge market for business and companies looking for ways to improve workflow and productivity.

Thanks to allowing an individual to combine mail and letters, presentations and spreadsheets in popular word processing programs such as Microsoft Office and G Suite Marketplace, the possibilities of using mail merge for making lists, database management, bulk emails, letters and labels will make the lives of office workers—and admins—so much easier.

One of the great features that mail merge enables is the ability to automatically sending completely personalized emails, which will save you time when trying to email your boss or manager that report you promised at 2 pm.

So, the next time you need to get that quarterly earnings report to your boss and need to CC upper management, including the CEO himself—use mail merge to not only make your life much easier, but also likely to help you keep your job as well.


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  1. Thanks for the tips! I think this is a very good way for companies to grow an get the word out about their operations, especially now. I think that the potential opportunities outweighs the cost, and overall the proces is sped up!

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