Move over Fabletics, Athleta, Lululemon and VS Sport, because there is a new kid on the growing athleisure block in Women’s Best.

With big brand names such as Under Armour, Nike and up-and-coming brands such as London-based tennis-themed 30Fifteen throwing their collective hats into the growing $184.6 billion dollar sportswear market and the fact that ‘athleisure’ is carrying the bulk of otherwise anemic clothing sales, it appears that the trend of wearing workout clothes outside the gym is here to stay.

(Women’s Best Co-CEO’s David and Lukas Kurzmann)

Headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria and co-founded by CEO’s Lukas and David Kurzmann, Women’s Best has gained quite a reputation via social media for their current selection of fitness supplements such as Slim Body Shake, Whey Protein, Burner Caps, Teatox, Multi Vitamin Caps, Detox Caps, Toner and Beauty items such as Beauty Booster, Hair Vitamins and Beauty Bible, and a notable list of Instagram-based models and ambassadors such as Mexican model/weather girl Yanet Garcia, Australian fitness model, Tammy Hembrow, Founder of Luxe Sportswear Pia Muehlenbeck, Instagram teen model/idol Alexis Ren and Australian-based Instagram fitness model Danielle Robertson, Women’s Best is poised to expand its growing brand, with their ultimate goal of entering the American market.

Below are my two Q and A’s with Women’s Best Chief Editor, Iris Pohl and the forementioned Instagram fitness model and brand ambassador Danielle Robertson as we discuss the growth of athleisure, Women’s Best’s plans to expand into the U.S., what separates Women’s Best from other brands and what prompted them to enter the lucrative world of sportswear.

Q and A with Women’s Best Chief Editor, Iris Pohl

R.C. What led to the decision for Women’s Best to get into the booming activewear industry? 

I.P.“Besides supplements and sports nutrition products, we wanted to offer an all-in-one-package for active women and their lifestyle. We have over 4 million followers on social media who are interacting with us all the time, giving us feedback twenty-four-seven.

Our customers asked for a fashion line, so we rolled up our sleeves and worked hard to make it real. When you put on the right workout clothes you feel more confident, energetic and you’ll get more motivated to hit the gym. Workout clothes can give you that extra push to make exercise an integral part of your life. And that’s our goal.”

R.C. What do you hope separates Women’s Best from the rest of the crowd? 

I.P.“Three Words: Design, Quality & Variety”

R.C. What is the companies plan to expand its brand awareness into the American market? 

I.P.“There are big things to come. At the moment, our film crew is traveling around the world looking for extraordinary places to shoot. A few weeks ago they stayed in beautiful Mykonos and created amazing footage.

We want to entertain our customers and are planning TV spots in the USA as well. Additionally, there we will be exhibition stands, an US tour, billboards, retailer deals and local Women’s Best stores.”

R.C. What future plans does Women’s Best have to expand the line? 

I.P.“Basically, we want to please our consumers’ needs and offer a wide range of high-quality goods – this also applies to our sportswear. Hoodies, joggers, gym bags and much more are coming soon in many different designs, colors and styles. More and more women are wearing workout clothes in their everyday life.

Sportswear is no longer restricted to the gym, instead, it’s worn for shopping trips, morning coffee in the city or for lunch with friends. Wearing gym clothes beyond the gym has never looked more appropriate. Every woman should feel good about herself – on the inside and outside.”

(Instagram fitness model, Danielle Robertson, follow on IG @dannibelle)

Q and A with Instagram Fitness Model and Women’s Best Brand Ambassador Danielle Robertson

R.C. I know that it’s summer down there in Australia, but with fall and winter now here, what workout tips do you have to those hoping to stay in shape during the cooler months?

D.R.“It’s important to keep fit and healthy all year round and it’s often hard to find the motivation to workout during the cooler months. One of my biggest tips is to do exercise first thing in the morning… before your mind actually registers what you’re doing haha I find that getting my workouts done straight away ensures I don’t skip my daily exercise.”

R.C. For those who don’t know you, you’re an Instagram fitness model and Women’s Best ambassador, what do you enjoy the most about being both?

D.R.“What I enjoy most is the relationship between my lifestyle and Women’s Best products. Having competed in athletics, I’ve used many protein products and supplements throughout my training career and Women’s Best products are hands down my favourite. Working with a company that I believe in, support and love makes the collaboration genuine and organic.”

R.C. How would you best describe Women’s Best’s new activewear line

D.R. “It’s everything a girl could want. Women’s Best activewear is where fashion meets quality and practicality. The shape of the leggings provides a flattering silhouette and a perfect fit. The outfits are a standout and with varying colours and patterns, there’s activewear to suit everyone’s style.” 

R.C. Fitness or fashion trend? what is your opinion of the growth of ‘athleisure’ and how do you think Women’s Best will set themselves apart from the rest?

D.R. “I love the combination of fitness and fashion and the recognition of athleisure as a fashion trend. I used to compete in track and field athletics and it was very rare to find performance wear that was also fashionable.

Style is often forfeited for practicality. I believe this is where Women’s Best activewear will set themselves apart. Women’s Best have created sportswear that is both functional and fashionable and have not compromised quality or style in the production of their apparel.

I have worn the activewear during my workouts, the fit and quality is outstanding and the designs are eye catching. Women’s Best have created beautiful, functional and unique activewear and I am proud to be their ambassador.”

Special thanks to Iris Pohl and Danielle Robertson for helping with this interview, follow Women’s Best on Twitter at @WomensBestTeam, on Instagram @womensbestand Facebook here. You can also follow Danielle Robertson on Instagram @dannibelle.

Images courtesy of Moon Idea Photography, and used with permission.


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