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WWE: Pay-Per-View Elimination Chamber Falls Flat

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The WWE rushed to put together a pay-per-view only available on the WWE Network in less than two weeks, and at times, it showed.

It was an awkward night with what seemed like rushed story lines and forced matches. It was exclusive to the network and not available on the standard PPV via cable systems. The WWE rolled the dice on this one strictly to drive up membership heading into June. The WWE swung and missed however, as the PPV fell flat.

Let’s break it down

The New Day defends their title successfully in a Elimination Chamber match against five other teams. The concept was great, but I was not impressed with the delivery. They should have had Erik Rowan and Luke Harper in the match instead of the Prime Time Players, a tag team WWE has been trying to get over for two years and can’t. The Ascension are all but buried. The crowd was dead for this one as well which didn’t help matters.

In the end, it was once again The New Day using the Freebird style to win it. The only way the New Day has a chance at getting over, is if they develop a serious feud with a top team, and with the USO’s being banged up, I’m not sure that they exist.

The Divas title match show cased the athletic talent of Naomi, the hotness of Nikki Bella and the absolute total package of Paige. With Nikki winning yet again, I don’t see her title reign ending anytime soon unless there is a call up from NXT in the making with Charlotte.

Cena vs Owens proved to be a surprise match of the year candidate. Once again. John Cena proved he is the ultimate company man by letting the newcomer Kevin Owens go over on him. Look for Cena to get the win back at MITB and a possible rubber match to headline Summerslam.

Owens is proving quickly that he is a main event player.

Neville continued to shine in a match that was un-needed and worthy of Smackdown when he beat Bo Dallas in a clunker. Neville needs a real feud to properly take off. Also, if the WWE expects Bo Dallas to truly get over as a heel, he needs to act like one and get dirty. Not just on the microphone with the corniness, but I’m talking attacking guys before the bell and not letting up with the cheating all match. If he doesn’t release a mean streak soon, his character is done. Adam Rose anyone?

The Elimination Chamber for the IC title was another clunker in my honest opinion. I have grown to expect so much more from the chamber matches than this effort. Great idea to have the two best workers in the match start it, and that is Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler. I can’t help to wonder what the thinking of having Mark Henry replace Rusev is?

I understand Rusev is badly hurt, but there are plenty of options other than Henry. Why does WWE continue to downgrade Cody Rhodes? Ryback winning the title and ending his long PPV losing streak was great, maybe the highlight of the night!

Did anyone actually think or honestly believe Ambrose had a chance in hell at winning that match? Off course not. Both great talents, him and Rollins, but little to no doubt at the outcome.

In two weeks the WWE will try again, will they learn their lesson about short turn-arounds as it will be the third PPV in six weeks?

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