On the Tuesday episode of Smackdown, we saw the debut of the Tye Dillinger. He ended up debuting in a squash match against Curt Hawkins. However, what should WWE do with the perfect 10?


A lot on how WWE books Tye Dillnger will depend on what happens at the superstar shakeup next Monday. I find it highly unlikely that he will go to RAW, so it means he will probably be on Smackdown going further. My idea was for him to get into the Intercontinental title hunt. Right now the IC title is being fought between Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin. Eventually we will either see Baron Corbin capture the IC belt or they will finally have a blow off to their feud.

I still feel that Baron Corbin will win this feud. There have been reports going around that the WWE wants to push Baron Corbin and make him one of the brands top heels. When he does capture the belt, I don’t see why Tye Dillinger should be the next in line. However, he needs to string together a few wins to make this case.

While Tye Dillinger never won the belt while he was in NXT and is over enough with the crowd. Due to him being so over with the WWE fan base, the belt doesn’t need to go on him right away, but he should get some sort of run with the belt either heading into Summerslam or coming out of Summerslam. I don’t see him getting a shot right away for the WWE title,

He might get one down the road, but I see the IC title a better spot for him now. I have a lot of hope for the Perfect 10 and hope that WWE doesn’t mis book him. Time will tell with the booking of the Perfect 10 to see how WWE feels about him.

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