Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

This match has also been built bad in the beginning, but has turned out to be much better as of late. Once Randy Orton burned down the Wyatt Compound, I thought that was when the story line took a turn for great. I wouldn’t be shocked if some former family members will help Bray Wyatt in this match. I see Bray Wyatt retaining here and getting a longer run with the belt. If he does retain, I would find it interesting to see who gets their next shot at Wyatt as it seems this feud comes to a close at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Bray Wyatt retains the WWE Championship

Roman Reigns vs. the Undertaker

If this is truly the last the Undertaker will have a match in the WWE and is retiring, I feel it is worth for this match to close out the event. This match became apparent after Roman Reigns eliminated the Undertaker from the Royal Rumble back in January. If WWE does have Roman Reigns beat the Undertaker then they need to turn him heel. I know they probably won’t, so if that does happen I see the crowd booing him out of the building. Unfortunately, I see Roman Reigns winning this match. The WWE is trying to create a superstar. I would be curious to see how Undertaker does during this match because he has looked bad the last few appearances on RAW.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Well, that is my predictions and preview of Wrestlemania 33. It comes this Sunday live on the WWE Network and from Orlando, Florida. We will have reactions as the days go on after Wrestlemania. What are your predictions for the event, let us know in the comments below and please follow us on Twitter @WrestlingINSC

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