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Yoli Shakes: Do They Live Up to Their Claims?


March 17, 2017

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By Zac Ferry

Yoli Shakes are meal replacement alternatives to help people lose weight and burn off fat.

The company claims they have 2 important ingredients for success and are patented. The shakes are offered in Vanilla and Chocolate. We will give you information on the ingredients and their benefits:

Their Patented Ingredients:

LeanImmune Blend is a blend of several ingredients including; Pomegranate, carrot, olive leaf, cissus, irvinga, grape seed extract, acai, alfalfa, maqui, spinach, moringa, and broccoli.

The powdered mixture of ingredients might sound like a good alternative, but because it’s been dehydrated and treated you are losing their nutritional values.

Purawhey has 12 grams of their patented native whey protein in each serving. The company describes this patented protein as: “finest, biologically active, non-denatured, and minimally processed whey protein”. The problem lies in the definition “non-denatured” which means it has not been changed in any way. It cannot be minimally processed and non-denatured at the same time.

Whey Protein From Non-GMO Grass-Fed Cows:

Though this sounds great, the healthy fats that are higher in grass-fed cows are drastically reduced once processed into whey powder.


Luo Han Guo – This is a sweetener that is 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. There have been no studies on this ingredient, so it’s difficult to determine if there are any side effects. The sweetener is taken from the herbaceous perennial vine of the gourd family.

Xylitol – Looks and tastes like sugar but has 40% fewer calories per gram. Regular sugar has 4 calories per gram while Xylitol has 2.4 calories per gram.

It doesn’t raise blood sugar levels or insulin and has a very low glycemic index.

Whey Protein:

The mixture of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate produces the best protein. It provides a slower acting protein for a longer period of time for muscle growth and short term for post workouts.

Nutritionists recommend women take in 40 grams of protein daily and men 55 to 70 grams daily.

Yoli Shakes provide 24 grams, replacing two meals each day and therefore a woman would need to take in an additional 16 grams and a man at least 31 more grams.

The company also claims that their patented whey promotes Glutathione, an antioxidant that removes free radical from the body. Unfortunately, there is no proof to this claim.

The Costs:

A 30-day supply purchased through their regular retail is $80.00 for 30 servings. Replacing 2 meals a day brings the supply down to 15 days worth of shakes. That equates to $5.33 a day for a meal replacement that has very few vitamins and minerals.

Questionable Claims:

This is not a good price for the quality of a shake that is questionable. You are paying for benefits that aren’t there. Their non-denatured claim is nothing more than a marketing ploy that only confuses consumers into believing they are getting a product that is better than others. The bottom line, all protein is denatured in some way due to additional processing used on the ingredients.

The company continually claims that the only sweetener is stevia, making it seem that it’s the only sweetener even though their additives of Xylitol and Luo Han Guo are also present.

They also have a pamphlet that goes over all the benefits of their hormone and antibiotic-free cow. The fact is, most cows are not given hormones and antibiotics are actually quite safe!

An FDA study showed that less than 1% of cow’s milk has any traces of hormones. The most commonly added hormone is bovine growth which is known as bST. In natural amounts, there are no known side effects for humans. Again, you are paying for something that will not give you any benefits.

Yoli Shakes patented formulas might sound great, but due to dehydration, the benefits are lacking in comparison to whole foods. The level of vitamins is minute and not impressive.

Yoli Shakes are far from the best meal replacement choices. Look for meal replacement shakes with higher levels of protein and a great deal more vitamins and minerals.

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