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Top Birthday Gifts for the Newly Dating Couple to Give


March 17, 2017

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By Carol Trehearn

Finding the perfect birthday gift for that special someone in your life can be tough under the best circumstances, but what if you’ve just started dating? Chances are you are still learning about each other’s interests.

Obviously you don’t want to go overboard, but at the same time you want to show you care.

It can apply to more than just a birthday gift, too. Maybe your significant other has just received a big job promotion, bought a new house, or graduated from university: there are a number of occasions that can pop up.

So if you’re finding yourself a bit stuck for ideas, you’re going to want to check out these top birthday gift ideas for the newly dating couple.

A Subscription Box Service

Thanks to the subscription box services that have become the latest trend, you’re sure to get brownie points. This is the true definition of a gift that keeps on giving, as the recipient will be able to enjoy it for a full year.

If you’re after something luxurious and different, then you can check out what Auster has to offer – just click here for details. Maybe you’re after more of a make-up and clothing type of subscription box, in which case there are plenty to choose from. You can also find subscription boxes that feature magazines, books, wine, food items, and so much more. Basically there is something for everyone.

Ensure a Luxurious Sleep

It doesn’t matter if you are buying for a new boyfriend or girlfriend, one thing they both do is sleep.

So why not ensure they have a fabulous sleep with luxurious new linens. You can pick linen in a color that matches their room décor, or go for something neutral and safe. The good news is that linen is also available in a wide price range so you are sure to find something that works for your budget.

A Personalized Gift

If you want to give a gift that really makes a statement and is memorable, find something that you can personalize. This means you can add their name or initials to the gift.

Today, you can do this to all kinds of items such as a leather bound journal, a pen, pillowcases, a picture frame, a beer stein, a watch, and so much more. If you decide this is what you want to do, be sure to allow enough time to have the gift personalized. These don’t usually work as a last-minute gift.

The Latest Gadget

Everyone loves checking out the latest gadgets, but it’s not often we go ahead and splurge on ourselves. If your significant other was eyeing a cool new tech gadget, maybe a new gadget for the kitchen, etc., this can make for the perfect gift. One tip though, you don’t want to go overboard where price is concerned. A “gadget gift” isn’t one that has a $500 price tag on it!

Don’t Fret – There are Plenty of Great Ideas

There is no reason to fret and stress about buying a gift for your new special someone as there are all kinds of great ideas that show you care, but at the same time are appropriate for a new relationship.

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