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Woman Crush Wednesday: Deborah Ann Woll Goes From Baby Vamp To Legal Eagle

Thanks to her turn as legal secretary Karen Page, in Marvel’s critically-acclaimed Daredevil on Netflix, Deborah Ann Woll has made the jump from vampire to legal eagle. Best known for her role as Jessica Hamby on HBO’s True Blood, Woll has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and talented young actresses. Thanks to her […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Kendall Jenner Grows Up!

Admit it! We love the Kardashians, whether it is from watching their exploits on E! to seeing them all over social media, in commericals and online, we are intruged by them. With Kim, Khloe and Kourtney doing their own thing, it’s time to embrace the next generation of the famous family in model Kendall Jenner. […]

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Beauty: Kylie Jenner Inspires New Fall Trend Of Matte Lips (VIDEO)

    Matte lips have taken over and Kylie Jenner can easily be credited with bringing this look to the forefront. Jenner has become an Instagram favorite by frequently posting pictures of her look du jour. With her perfect pout sending fans scrambling to duplicate the look and after tons of requests, Jenner spilled the […]