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A Feminist View: Rape in College

I would like to introduce myself and explain why I decided to write about very hot button issues. My name is Jonathan Blayne and I have been a feminist since December of last year after reading stories in the news about issues facing women and talking to several feminists. I decided to write about these […]

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Women: One-On-One With Glamour Model Sarah Maria Paul

They say that good things come in small packages. Normally, in the modeling world, this is not the case. In an industry that typically asks for models to be a minimum of 5’9, there have been many models who have defied this status quo. Names such as Victoria’s Secret alum Laetitia Casta (5’6), model/actress appearing […]

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Beauty: What Makes Eyevage the Best Eye Rejuvenation Treatment?

By Annie Lizstan The skin around the eyes is where the first signs of skin aging tend to appear such as fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and under-eye bags. This is because there are fewer oil glands in this region of the face which makes it particularly prone to dehydration. Other than that, the skin […]

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Men: Three Ways A Real Man Can Be A True Feminist

By Ron Alexander Yes, I am the guy who wrote the article entitled “Treat Her Like a Sexual Object” And, yes, I am a feminist. Those of you who haven’t read the aforementioned article probably think that I’m lying about being a feminist and that I’m just saying that I am one in order to […]

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Women: Why Women’s Best Is The New Lifestyle and Fitness Brand Every Woman Needs To Know

With summer right up upon us and women around the world in the midst of going on long grueling runs outside and looking to get tan and fit, one name they make need to learn more about is Women’s Best GmbH*. (*Editor’s Note: GmbH or Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung is German for “company with limited […]

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Motivation Monday: Get Pumped With Brazilian Bombshell Alice Matos!

What is it about Brazil that produces such fine-ass, shapely and gorgeous women? Whehther it is supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen and Alessandria Ambrosio to actresses such as Alice Braga, Brazil seems to be a proverbial factory of hotness. Thanks to the eye-catching beauty of fitness model, Alice Matos, be sure to add her to […]

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Entertainment: Why is Marilyn Monroe so iconic; even today?

Marilyn Monroe is easily one of the most iconic and historical women to have ever lived. She’s so revered that you don’t have to say her whole name. When we say, “Marilyn,” we’re not talking Manson, that’s for sure. In fact, when I typed in “Marilyn” in Google Chrome’s image search engine, it took about […]