Glamour model Liz Ware
Photo: Alfonso Moreno (Madcreativity)
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Glamour Girl! Q and A With IBMS Regional Coordinator and Glamour Model, Liz Ware

Glamour modeling and photography. Many have heard of it, but few actually know what it is. As with all things in today’s social-media driven world of image, branding, and marketing, it is hard to escape it and even harder to not be both in awe and intrigued. What’s so funny is that it has been […]

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Surfs Up! Q and A With Instagram Model Mariah Rivera

Spring break. It’s that time of year again. It’s that time of year when we leave the cool, brutal, bitterly gray days of late winter of icy chills and snow behind for the bright and colorful palettes of spring.   Gone are the days of never-ending whiteouts and in its place are the bright pastels […]

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Woman Crush Wednesday: How Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham Changed The Game

Kate Moss. Cindy Crawford. Christy Turlington. Claudia Scheffer. Not even 30 years ago, these were the names that you’d hear about and see walking down various catwalks in the heyday of modeling. Thanks to their slim, toned and attractive looks Moss, Crawford, Turlington and Scheffer ruled the world of modeling along the likes of Heidi […]

Photo: Paul Dubois
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Buckeye Beauty! Q and A With Actress and Fashion Model, Sariphina Curry

Greenville, Ohio. If there was a small town that best exemplifies the Midwest and Middle America, it is this one. Roughly 15 miles from the Indiana border and northwest of Dayton, Greenville, Ohio—also known as “Treaty City”—this small town with a population of 13,000-plus is as All-American as it gets. Despite it’s small size, Greenville […]

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North Philly Knockout! Q and A With Fashion Model Damiana Rodriguez

North Philadelphia. One of the most crime-ridden, racially-segregated and drug-infested areas in the country, describing North Philadelphia as a war zone is an understatement. Directly north of Philadelphia proper, the area simply called “North Philly” with a population of 240,000-plus, it is one of the largest sections of the so-called City of Brotherly Love. Like […]

Photo: Celso Diniz
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California Angel! Q and A With Fashion and Swimsuit Model, Melissa Rae

Los Gatos, California. Deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, this tiny and wealthy enclave 30,000-plus south of San Francisco and deep in the heart of Santa Clara County is a hub of tech and entertainment. Home to streaming and content creator, Netflix and notable tech start-ups and venture capitalist firms, Los Gatos is in […]

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Southern Sweet Tea! Q and A With Fitness and Bikini Model Edin LaVieu

Cairo, Georgia. A small town of roughly 10,000, this quiet little city that lies on the Florida-Georgia border is as sweet and as Americana as it gets. Affectionately called “Syrup City” due to it’s long history of producing cane syrup from the early 1900’s to the 1990’s, it was the home of the fabled Roddenbery […]