Dieting can be a difficult subject for many people. Most who have started out with the intentions of either losing weight or simply improving their overall health and wellness have found themselves taken in by miracle fad diets that promise the world but rarely deliver. Unfortunately, such diets tend not to work for the majority because they involve making too many drastic changes too fast.

Simply put, this isn’t an effective way to set yourself up for success. The hunger and general unhappiness that comes from cutting calories too drastically and avoiding all of your favorite foods can leave you throwing in the towel before you ever really begin. The trick to making healthy changes that you can stick with is to do so gradually and in a smarter way. It is far better to make simple swaps to healthier alternatives as opposed to completely tossing out snacks and meals.

With that in mind, here are four such swaps that you can make for a healthier diet.


1. Peanut Butter for Almond Butter

Peanut butter is a staple in many pantries across the country. Unfortunately, this tasty snack includes more sugar and unhealthy fats than you might realize. This can be enough to diminish any benefits from the protein in peanut butter that you might have enjoyed. Instead of throwing out your favorite snack entirely, switch to an alternative like almond butter that has all the protein without the sugar and fat.

If you are allergic to almonds and can’t make the switch to almond butter, you can instead switch to an almond butter alternative. You can learn more by checking out The Ultimate Almond Butter Substitute – 5 Seed Butter from Beyond the Equator.


2. White Carbs for Whole Wheat

Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are actually an essential part of a well-rounded diet. They provide your body with energy and help with the absorption of other nutrients. The problem with carbs arises when you consume too many and carbs of the wrong sort. Things like white bread and pasta contain a great deal of starch, which isn’t great for you. Make a swap from white carbs to whole wheat ones in order to avoid this starch and to give your body an extra dose of grains.


3. Juice for Fruit-Infused Water

You might be thinking that one great way to help yourself get more fruit each day is to drink fruit juice. Unfortunately, fruit juices contain additives and far more sugar than is good for you. Instead of turning to fruit juice, opt for fresh fruit instead. If you still aren’t too interested in drinking plain water to stay hydrated, you can infuse your water with fresh fruit so as to have an extra boost of flavor with every sip.


4. Yogurt for Greek Yogurt

You might already be consuming yogurt on a regular basis in an attempt to eat healthier. While there are some merits to low-fat yogurts that contain fruit, there is once again far more sugar in such products than you realize. Greek yogurt topped with fruit is a much better alternative.



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