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5 Chiko Sandals I Can’t Wait To Wear When It’s Warm

The sun is warming up and fashion does too. In summer, when the sun shines at its best it is necessary to wear something that feels good, looks good and does not interfere with daily life. As well as keeping everything right, it is also mandatory for many women to maintain modern fashion.

To maintain the foot climate in the summer season, it is often suggested to wear quality shoes or sandals. Sandals are preferable than shoes as they provide maximum benefits in summer. For example, when the sun is too hot, women the softer women’s feet feel bad having heavy sandals or sandals that limits the air circulation. Moreover, to control the sweating of feet it is much needed to wear high-quality sandals.

Chiko shoes are made keeping all of the above conditions in the idea. Therefore, I made a short list of top five Chiko sandals, that I am going to have in the upcoming summer. I believe these Chiko sandals will give me the utmost comfort and will ensure a nice balance of walking in the upcoming summer.

Top-1: Chiko Kellsey Open Toe Chunky Heels Sandals

This Kellsey is on the top of the list because it provides ultimate open space to feet without sacrificing the heel style. The heel is around 6 cm, which is perfect for me. Moreover, as it seems the outer soles and materials are of top class.
Chiko Kellsey Sandals

Top-2: Chiko Kathi Open Toe Block Heels Sandals

The heel of Kathi is same as Kellsey and it keeps styles ongoing. The toe is open, outer lining is synthetic and the upper portion is made of leather. Comes in three choosy colors of white, pink and black. The black is favorite to me. What else can I be dreamt of?
Chiko Kathi Sandals

Top-3: Chiko Jaymee Open Toe Block Heels Sandals

This sandal is also open toe, comes in three colors; Beige, Gray and Red. The heel varies from 1cm to 5cm. I liked the red one most as it fits with my style. Combination of red and white looks gorgeous on my feet. I am planning to wear Jaymee during party time.
Chiko Jaymee Sandals

Top-4: Chiko Janeth Open Toe Block Heels Sandals

Janeth comes with 6cm of heel height. The most appealing part of this sandal is its sides. Nice cutting of sides leather and rubber outer sole material is another reason for keeping it in the most wanted list.
Chiko Janeth Sandal

Top-5: Chiko Joleen Round Toe Flatforms Sneakers

Joleen is quite different from other sandals. Round toe and 4 cm of heel height Joleen made keep comfortability in thinking. The flat form rubber sole will absorb the energy produces during walking and gives you the ultimate comfort.
Chiko Joleen Sneaker

I always say Chiko shoes and sandals are different in quality and comfort. Hope to have these Chiko shoes best summer sandals in my upcoming summer, in a party, in office or in leisure time. I always keep in mind that, a good shoe or sandals expresses the personality of women and I do not want to ruin my personality wearing low-quality sandals this summer.

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