Many women dream about becoming a mother from a young age. Once you reach adulthood and are able to welcome a little one into the world, pregnancy and labor should run smoothly. Unfortunately, birth injuries can and do occur, and in many cases, it’s through no fault of the mother.

When a birth injury happens, you will be completely uncertain about your baby’s future and whether you can pay for the medical bills involved. Understandably, this will be overwhelming, so it’s vital you take your time choosing and hiring the correct birth injury lawyer. With that in mind, here are five important things to look out for when hiring legal representation.


When on the hunt for a birth injury lawyer, you’ll be bombarded with websites. To narrow down your list, you need to find an attorney who has specific experience with birth injury claims. If your baby suffers from cerebral palsy or HIE, it’s advised to hire an attorney who has experience handling cases with the same injuries. Reputable attorneys like Romanucci & Blandin have handled birth injury cases before, so you may deem them appropriate for your case.


Similar to experience, you need to check the information about a lawyer’s educational background. This can be conducted online, and in some cases, you can find this information on their official webpage. Make sure to check for certificates, accomplishments, and membership of any expert organizations they’re part of. The more credentials the birth injury lawyer has, the better.


Of course, when you visit a birth injury lawyer’s website, they’re going to promote themselves in the best light possible. This means you will need to do a little digging and check out past client reviews and testimonials. While the reviews will be positive on their own website, they may not be as gracious on specialist review pages. To give you more confidence and clarification that you’ve picked the right birth injury attorney, it pays off to read reviews.

Transferable Skills

When going for your first meeting with a birth injury lawyer, make sure to look out for what kinds of skills and attributes they possess. Any trustworthy birth injury attorney will be excellent at communicating, understand the importance of time management, and have compassion for your experience. These are just a few transferable skills to look out for. If you don’t feel comfortable at your first appointment and don’t believe the lawyer has your best interests at heart, continue looking for another one.


As you’re probably already aware, legal representation can cost a great deal of money. The fees involved will differ from lawyer to lawyer. Whether it’s speaking to a professional, gathering evidence, or submitting your claim, you need to fully understand what fees and payments are involved before going forward.

If your little one has suffered an injury through no fault of your own, it’s time to consider hiring a birth injury lawyer. All the above must be looked into before deciding on an attorney to represent your case.



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