Dip powder nails are long-lasting nails that involve dipping your nails into powder and then using a sealant to secure the powder in its place. Before starting this procedure, your nails are first cleaned and prepared. Then a bonder is applied to provide powder with a surface to adhere to. After this, powder is brushed onto your nails and then it is sealed with a topcoat.

If you do not like getting your nails done every week and using UV, then dip powder nails are the right choice for you. Below is the list of the top five reasons of why you should choose dip powder nails over other kinds of nails.

No Need to Use UV Light

UV light is used during the application procedure of gel nails, for example. UV is considered harmful radiation that may cause irreparable damage to your nails, and even the skin if it is not protected from it. One of the major benefits of choosing dip powder nails is that you do not have to use UV light. It will give you peace of mind and protect you from the damaging effects of UV.

Lasts Up to a Month

When dip powder nails are done by the professionals, they last up to one month and when they are done at home by non-professional people, they may last from two to three weeks. So, if you do not like visiting a nail salon every week to redo your nails, then dip powder nails are the right choice for you.

Several Colour Choices

Dip powder nails provide endless colour choices. As these nails have become very popular, companies are now trying to provide a wide array of colours to give women several options to choose from. So, you will not have any problem finding your favourite nail polish colour in the powder form too.

Does Not Damage Nails

The procedure of dip nail application is safe and does not damage nails like some other nail application procedures. UV light is also not used in it. It may not seem important to you, but when you start thinking about nail damage you learn why it is beneficial to prevent it. After all, no one likes sacrificing their health for the sake of a nail treatment.

Easy to Do

Dip powder nails are easy to apply even at home. If you know how to apply nail polish, then you will not have much trouble applying dip powder nails too. The procedure may take more time, but it is not something that you cannot do. You can get dip powder nail kits from the market. They contain all the elements that you need to apply these nails.

Summing up

Dip powder nails have become a trend in the fashion world in recent months. They are long-lasting, easy to apply and damage-free. The good thing is you do not have to use damaging UV rays during this procedure, which are often used in some other forms of nails.

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