As a parent, you want to do all you can to ensure your child is healthy and happy. And while there are all kinds of ways you can go about achieving those two goals, one thing that needs to be stressed is physical activity. Physical activity is one of those things that are not only good for a person’s physical health but also their mental health. Keeping kids active through sports provides them with a healthy way to use and direct their energy, keep their body healthy, find a new hobby, and even bond with others who share a passion for that same sport.

So, if you’re on the hunt for that perfect sport to teach your child, you may want to look into baseball. Known as “America’s pastime”, this sport offers all kinds of fabulous benefits for kids.

Be Part of a Team

If you plan on signing your child up for a league or organized team, this is a great opportunity for them to learn about teamwork. Not only will they feel as though they are part of something, and that their actions matter, it’s also a wonderful way to bond and socialize with other kids their age. It is a whole other network of friends outside of school, which will be to their benefit.

Baseball Can be Great for Focus and Patience

Because baseball isn’t one of those high-energy go-go-go types of sport, it can be great for working on a child’s patience and focus. There is a lot of time just standing and being prepared for action, so they need to be able to focus on the ball and the play at hand.

It’s Relatively Inexpensive to Play

In terms of upfront costs to get your child involved in baseball, it’s definitely on the lower end of things. If you sign them up for a league there will be a fee, but that tends to include their uniform, so that will be taken care of. Outside of that, you may want to pick up their own baseball bat so they can practice at home. Keep in mind there are baseball bats made specifically for children, so these should be the ones you’re looking at.

You can also buy a batting glove, baseball glove, and a helmet. As for footwear, if they are just playing at home they can wear sneakers, but if joining a league, you will want to purchase baseball-specific shoes/cleats for them.

Everyone Gets an Equal Chance

There is also the fact that everyone gets an equal chance in baseball. Each kid gets a chance to bat, each kid has an equal chance of catching the ball out in the field on a play, and often coaches will move kids around so they can also try specific positions like pitcher and back catcher. It’s a great way for them to truly learn about the game and try all the different positions.

Work on Their Gross Motor Skills

Playing all those different positions and having a chance at bat will also help kids to work on their gross motor skills. Baseball is known for helping to build a stronger core, and as they improve they will be able to work on specific skills such as control and balance.

Helps to Build Their Confidence

Then there is their confidence level, something that is incredibly important to build but can sometimes be tricky to do so. As they learn this brand-new sport and start to enjoy personal successes and achievements, that’s bound to help with their confidence.

Well Worth Looking Into

At the very least, baseball is a sport well worth looking into further and could just be that perfect activity for your child.


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