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6 Strategies for Becoming the Natural Candidate for That Leadership Promotion


January 3, 2020

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When you start a new job, you often bring all of your enthusiasm, hopes, and dreams with you. The right workplace will foster these raw emotions and create opportunities for you to flourish. One of the ways this could happen is through opportunities like promotions that enable you to use your talents and grow. 

The reality is that many of your colleagues may also be keen on getting that promotion, so how do you increase your chances of getting it? In a meritocratic company, you’ll have to work for it, which means putting in the work and playing the part. Aside from this, there is a myriad of other ways that you can become a natural candidate for a promotion at work. Read below to find a few tips and strategies that could help. 

Understand the Requirements 

Before you can be a suitable candidate for a promotion, you should know what they’re looking for. Get as much insight as possible regarding what the role entails and then think about why you make a good fit. Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve areas that need work.  

For instance, if the role will require that you head a new project, then you’d need to make sure you have the skills necessary to do this. Some that come to mind include problem-solving, time-management, and an ability to work well under pressure. 

Exhibit Leadership Qualities 

Your likelihood of achieving a leadership role may improve if you exhibit the qualities of a leader. So, what does a leader look like and act like? One quality of a great leader is sincere enthusiasm for your company. You should be immersed in their vision, believe in the products or services being offered and be committed to seeing them win. Commitment like this isn’t something that you can fake, so if you have this enthusiasm, management is likely to pick up on it. Following close behind, a good leader is also loyal. As a leader, you should be able to advocate and stand for your team members as well as your company. 

Another important note to make is that leadership and management are two different things that often get confused. One glaring difference between the two is that leaders are visionaries, while managers tend to focus more on goals. And the best kind of leaders are ones who can cultivate more than one style of leadership and can match the style for the situation. Leaders are also more likely to take risks, build people up, and stick around in the long-run. 

Communicate Effectively 

If you look at some of the leaders you admire, you’ll likely notice that they’re strong communicators. This is no surprise as communication is a crucial characteristic of a good leader

Every organization has its own communication style, so make sure you have a thorough understanding of the predominant one in yours. This could make you more appealing for a leadership promotion. 

By communicating effectively, you help employees focus on the end-goal and get them to execute the company vision. Quality communication can also make connecting with employees easier so that they view and respect you as a leader. It could also make it easier to execute projects, communicate ideas, get people to work together and problem-solve.

To improve your communication, pay attention to non-verbal cues, be concise and direct, and always watch your tone and delivery. As a leader, you should also look for ways to make use of technology as a means of streamlining communication in the workplace. For instance, you could introduce an internal messaging platform like Slack for quick communication and messaging. 

Have a Good Attitude 

The attitude you bring to work every day could make or break your chances when it comes to getting a leadership promotion. The reality is that a good leader may not have a good attitude one hundred percent of the time, but they should have one often. 

The goal should be to improve your emotional intelligence and learn to manage your moods. Color can help you communicate this, and plenty of other things. If you want your business to project trust, decorate your office with blue. If you want your employees to feel your personal positivity, you could wear yellow to put you in a positive mood or put orange items around your desk. Another way to improve your moods is to add some variety to your working day. It could mean trying lunch at a new spot or taking a walk to refocus and is recharge. 

It would be best if you led by example, which means bringing a positive attitude to work every day. It also means not being consumed with negativity when things go wrong, but instead adjusting your mindset and focusing on what you can control.  

Learn to Negotiate 

Negotiation isn’t something that only takes place at a point-of-sale. It’s something that will need to be done every day in the workplace, especially with the people you lead. Negotiation is the most important competency you can have as a leader as it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. This is paramount as you want everyone to feel like they’re valued. Also, negotiation skills can help you clarify expectations and earn the respect of your colleagues, employees, and partners. By exhibiting excellent negotiation skills in the office, you can separate yourself from others competing for a promotion.

Keep Learning 

The final tip for getting a promotion is to commit to continuous learning. As a leader, you should have an insatiable appetite for growth, as that’s one of the only ways to lead effectively. In many cases, your team will only go as far as your knowledge and direction, so you’ve got to fill yourself up. To keep learning and progress in your career, see if there are any relevant certifications you can take. DIY online learning is another option in addition to joining social network groups. Finally, see if your company has funded degree programs you can utilize to further your education.

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