Being in a long distance relationship may sometimes feel annoying. And, why not? You are far away from your love. Thanks to the technology, the distance does not seem harder. To spice up your love life, you can plan some fun long distance relationship activities which will help to strengthen your relationship. And, that’s the goal! No matter how far you stay, taking out time from your busy schedule will help to keep the spark alive.

Let’s check out a few creative activities to boost your long distance relationship.

➤ Read a book to each other

Is your nerdy heart currently swooning? If you think reading out books is boring, then you are wrong. Imagine, your partner reading out some romantic stuff, and you are listening to it with the closed eyes. Ummm, doesn’t that sound romantic? You can alter turn to read the chapter and enjoy the book conversations.

➤ Scavenger hunt

Well, this one might involve lots of planning, but it’s no harm. You can plan out a puzzle followed with some series of clues, and let them explore some amazing stuff. This will be no less than a laughter riot. Make this one interesting one by rewarding them with an amazing gift at the final clue.

➤ Buy a round of drinks

How about a fun night? So, you are out with your friends and your partner with theirs. The distance hit really hard, doesn’t it? Why make it an obstacle in your love? Simply call the bar and order a round of drinks for your love. When will you use your credit card? Call them on Skype or Facetime, and toast to the togetherness and lovely evening. Isn’t it thoughtful and super romantic? You will also score points among her/his friends. So, Bingo!

➤ Share a night sky or sunset

If there are not many time zones between you and your partner, then you can watch the sunset together. Spread over the blanket and look at the sky over the phone. Utterly romantic! In case, you live on the opposite side of the world, you can then make your love watch the sunset or night sky over the video call. This creative long distance activity will help you spend some precious moments with your boo.

➤ Dream together!

Dreams are our fairy world, isn’t it? Make a pinboard for your dreams for the future. Whenever you miss each other or had a fight, then this board will remind you of your beautiful future together. This one surely gonna take away the temporary suffering. As they say, ‘Dream big, get big.’

➤ How about a craft night?

Are you guys into crafts, or love experimenting new things? If yes, then this is a great idea. Take help from Youtube and try new crafts. Put time challenge to make this one interesting.

In case, you are not interested in crafts, then you can play online LDR games or help each other to cook dinner over Skype. Doing these small and fun activities can help you know each other better and bring you closer.

➤ Fortune fun

So, you frequently enjoy Skype calls with your love. Go to a fortune teller or tarot card reader to learn about your future reading. This can be a fun and interesting one. Don’t take them seriously, it’s just for fun!

➤ Go all out

How about treating your partner like a dream? Make them feel special by sending them a package full of interesting things. Add a lovely outfit, flowers, or food items. Trust us, they will simply love it.  Make reservations to a luxury hotel and invite them over dinner. This surprise dinner will turn into a night to remember!

➤ Snail Mails all the way!

Nothing is more beautiful than hand-written notes! No matter how wonderful texts you send over the phone, there is something special about the handwritten notes.  You can add some amazing love quotes to the notes and express your love in a more creative way.

These are a few exciting activities/games to play in a long distance relationship will help you grow stronger. If you want more tips, relationship quotes, and more information on a long-distance relationship, then you can browse through the official website of Modern Love Long Distance. Visit now!


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