Hiking is a very popular form of exercise that can be carried out by all. Whether you’re a complete beginner or serious adventurous, hiking is described as one of the best forms of therapy and is good for the mind, body and soul. Although it is essentially a form of exervice, it has so many more benefits to it which makes it so popular and loved around the world.

Firstly, hiking is inexpensive and accessible for all levels. This means groups of friends or families can enjoy hiking through the beautiful countryside or mountainous areas together. Many trails and hiking routes are fairly accessible and easy meaning there is no requirement for high-tech equipment thus helping to keep the costs low. Of course the right footwear, clothing and possible hiking poles are advised but this is a given in comparison to some sports that require uniform and expensive equipment before even starting.

The outdoors

Hiking involves walking in the outdoors and this in itself has a great range of excellent health benefits which is great for your mind and body. Being outdoors can improve the levels of vitamin D in the body, through the UV rays which helps keep the body functioning healthy. The fresh air and exploration outdoors helps to replenish the body and elite the sense. Unlike a busy, noisy and polluted city where you’re likely to rush from one place to another, when hiking you can enjoy the feeling of walking and engage all your senses. Many hikers become hooked after their first few explorations in the outdoors. Escaping the chaos and enjoy nature and everything it offers makes them feel more connected to earth, less stressed and happier.

Clear the mind

Hiking can’t answer all of life problems but it can defintiley help clear the mind and put things into perspective. The process of hiking including being outdoors, in open and clean space with beautiful surroundings help people think clearer and more positively about life. Research has found that being in nature is one of the best stress relievers and has helped people with depression and anxiety. By getting outdoors, you will be reminded of how beautiful the world is and that those little stresses are really nothing to worry about.


Hiking is a form of exercise at any and all levels. Whether you’re thinking about your first hike or deep into your 25th, you will be exercising outdoors which is very beneficial to the body. Depending on the level of the hike you can burn anything from 400 to 700 calories per hour which will keep you fit and healthy. It is one of the most popular forms of exercise because it is not as strenuous as other types of exercise like running or contact sport but still allows you to be very physical, burn calories and enjoy the outdoors.

Hiking also has additional benefits in comparison to walk because hiking is mostly on uneven surfaces. This uses a range of different muscles that aren’t used on flatter surfaces and helps to strengthen the lower body from the hips to ankles which you may ot normally use in your day-to-day life. Building the strength of these muscles will improve your balance and stability, ideal for not tripping or falling when hiking. The improved strength of these muscles will also help reduce the chance of knee or hip pain.

Nature helping humans mental state goes back thousands of years and is still true to this day. Roman philosophers and Buddhists practice walking meditation and being present in the moment. When you’re hiking, you find yourself becoming present with just you and the world around you. This allows you to focus on yourself, your breathe, your steps and relaxing your mind.

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