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Apple iPhone Event: First and Only 64-bit Phone

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Cupertino — Apple has revealed the newest phone in their line up, the Apple iPhone 5s. Apple, during their conference has revealed that the new addition has 40 times the CPU power than the iPhone 5.

The 5s will also ship with iOS 7 which is also coming to iPad and iPod. The update is coming September 18th.


Packed with more power, the iPhone 5s is taking gaming seriously. The updated graphics are on par with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. During the live event, Epic Games unveiled Infinity Blade 3 launching with the phone.

New for the 5s is M7, which is a chip that will continuously track movement for a new range of health and fitness app.

Battery life is also an upgrade. Apple saying that the 5s will have equal or greater than the iPhone 5. 10 hours of talk time and 10 hours of browsing time.

Apple explains that with the 5s, high quality photos can be taken with improved pixels. Not just more ,but bigger pixels.

Apple also introduced a redesigned home button. The new home button has a built in finger print scanner which allows for more security.

In the era of ever-pressing security issues, this feature maybe a huge selling point for users.

The Apple iPhone 5s  will be available for preorder on September 2oth.

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