Artificial intelligence had crossed a key landmark with flying colors when it won six players no limit Texas Holdem poker game. This was a great challenge to AI, as in the game of poker, players use bluff strategy, and cards are not disclosed. In other games the whole board is at view and assessment becomes easier.AI has shown its superiority in one to one games like chess and even in poker. In multiplayer games card games, humans were better till now. But the table is turned when AI made a thumping victory in a championship style six-person poker game.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence also coined as machine intelligence is a branch of computer science which develops software performing activities which require human intelligence. The software is programmed to evaluate the environment based on a set of predetermined rules and algorithms or pattern recognizing capabilities, then take decisions on these factors. Alan Turing, a mathematician in 1950, fist raised the question “can machines think?’. He was the person who unlocks the encryption of Nazi machine Enigma. AI answers this question in affirmative. There are four different aspects of AI:

· Think like human

· Think logically

· Act like human

· Act logically

The first two concepts involve the thought process and analysis of the last two deals with behavior.

Artificial Intelligence has two broad categories; narrow AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Narrow AI sometimes referred to as weak AI function within restricted context and replication of human intelligence. It is extremely useful for a single task but has much more confinement and restriction than basic human intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is also known as strong AI is more like a human being and can solve problem applying intelligence.


Brown and Sandholm developed a software named “Pluribus” which learned and won six players no-limit Texas Holdem. The machine-learned the art of playing poker from scratch. The machine used this learning process to decide when to hold and when to fold. Pluribus formulated the strategy as the game unfolded. It did not speculate on the end result, which would require too many and too complicated computations, dealing with so many players.

The machine assessed the upcoming moves and decided on those hypothetical features and numerous strategies the player may adopt.

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