The only addiction everyone would wish for and probably the healthiest addiction everyone should know about.

Being one of the sacred activities in Northern India thousands of years ago, yoga has been introduced as a word for mantra which means to join or to unite.

Although there has no chronological basis of origin on the existence and development of Yoga, it is believed that it existed years before civilization.

People who practice yoga are called yogis. Yoga entails discipline as one who performs yoga needs full concentration, self-discipline, force and determined effort. It serves as guidebook which uphold or transform behaviors to overcome challenges in human life. Those who practice yoga observes a balance among mental state, physical being and spiritual form. This can be correlated to numerous benefits one can get from Yoga.

Some are:

-increases strength

-better heart health

-heals pains

-improves flexibility

-perfects posture

-builds bone and muscle strength

-enhances focus and concentration

-complements good blood flow

-boosts immunity

-leads to healthy lifestyle

-turns you to better mood

-relaxes mind

-releases tension

-gives self confidence

-encourages self-care

With the increasing fame and knowledge on the good effects of Yoga, people have made this as part of their lives. This phenomenon has brought a lot of opportunities in the business world. New ideas sprout, old spirits have been rekindled and better standard and thoughts prospered.

The wearing of Yoga gear is one of the things this practice has developed immensely. People who are into this healthy vice have come up with the need of proper equipment, clothing and accessories. The basic requirement for a yoga session is an open area but with the challenges of city living, pollution, safety and a lot more people have come up with an indoor and private yoga studio. A yoga studio’s essential equipment will be discussed further.

Yoga Mats

On the top list of yoga essentials is the yoga mats. Yoga mats are specially fabricated material of cushion which purpose is to give comfort to yoga practitioners, it also prevents slipping accidents with its traction and non-slippery features, helpful in alignment, gives you a territory especially in a crowded place and most importantly it provides thermos-insulation which prevents friction between human body and the ground. For some yogis, yoga mat is not that necessary in a yoga class, as they claim that yoga is more on body stretching and yoga mat is just a modern invention but with the great feedback on using yoga mats, people have made it one of the yoga must-have-list.

Yoga Strap

Next is the yoga strap or others call it belts or arm extender. Since yoga is basically about stretching, straps are great tools in achieving wide range of motion. Yogis believed that yoga straps can do wonders in maximizing human flexibility. Straps are the most responsible in improving one’s alignment by extending legs further and opening up shoulders. Another reason why people think yoga strap is a must is that it prevents accidents and pains by giving you sense of balance and control.

Yoga Clothing

Further, yoga industry continues to develop equipment that people find the need for it. The clothing industry did not miss the opportunity yoga community has asked for. For yoga clothing, it should be comfortable, flexible and breathable. For upper clothing, form-fitting tops are necessary to prevent distractions from shirts flying over during forward bending.

For women, sports bra is a must to decrease physical impact during activity transitions. It also gives a different feeling of confidence by reducing sensitivity. For man and woman who has long hair, hair ties and headband must be worn to put the hair in place and avoid distractions from hair locks falling onto face. Yoga pants are also necessary in this healthy hobby. They should be tighter and thinner compared to other types of workpants, to make you feel light and flexible.

Yoga Mat Bags

Innovation, creativity and strong competition have made a way to optional props in yoga. Mat bags or what is also known as sling, is one of these materials available in the market but not necessarily needed in a yoga class. This makes yoga easier and faster by hassle-free rolling and unrolling of one’s yoga mat since it uses velcro so you can transform mat into rolled configuration and throw it on your shoulder just like a sling bag.

Yoga Blanket

Another is yoga blanket, it is used to elevate hips during sitting position and offers comfort and support during lying position. With increasing demand of yoga essentials, yoga blanket has three types nowadays, first is the cotton yoga blanket, it is made up of 100% cotton with a tighter weave, second is the Mexican yoga blanket, a very colorful version which is hand woven and crafted and lastly is the wool yoga blanket, made from wool which nicely and neatly woven.

All of these types of blanket provide comfort and yogis preferences will tell which one is better than the another.

Yoga Blocks

Just like blanket, yoga blocks are also used to improve one’s alignment especially during standing positions. These are usually made up of cork, foam and wood. In lieu of blocks other yogis use bolsters. In restorative yoga bolsters can be placed under the blanket to make sitting positions comfortable or under knees or back in lying positions to find support.

Yoga Wheels

There are yoga props which might not be necessary in yoga classes but are gaining attention and foothold in the yoga business. One is the yoga wheels. These wheels are just like the exercise ball used by gym instructors to build up balance and stability . But in yoga, wheels are used to deepen stretches and improves flexibility. It brings yoga into the next level. Mostly advanced yogis use such yoga props as a way of challenging stability and endurance.

Yoga Pillow and Wedge

Meditation pillow has also reached the market of yogis. From the word itself, it’s a cushion which gives extra comfort when meditating. Another is yoga wedge; it looks like a yoga mat but with a twist. As yogis transition from beginners to advance, intensity of yoga poses increases making it harder than the usual. For people who have existing medical condition like those who have carpal tunnel, this prop will make their lives easier. To ease the pain, yoga wedge helps in supporting the body weight without putting more on the wrist or hands.

Yoga Neck Pillow and Foam Arc

Following our lists of advance yoga gears is the neck pillow, it is another pillow which provide support and comfort on the neck. What is unique in this prop is that, yoga equipment companies have introduced neck pillows with soothing smell. This is done by putting herbs such as flaxseed and mint leaves as fillings of the pillow. These herbs gives relaxation at the same time useful in easing sinus-related discomforts. Lastly is foam arc, a combination of block and bolster. This prop’s main purpose is to support lower or upper back.

A lot of innovative materials and equipment have been made available in the market making the lives of yogis as well as the future yoga enthusiasts easier and more comfortable.

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