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Feeling Fashion Forward? Here are Nine Drool-Worthy Looks To Leave Your Date In Awe!

Are you set to go on a date night or planning girl's day out this spring season? Well, spring is soon setting in and what better than to look daisy fresh than in beautiful attires. We bring you a few drool-worthy looks to leave your date or friends mesmerized. Be it a romantic picnic in the park, a long drive, a glamorous candlelight dinner or a weekend getaway with your
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Fitness Focus! Why You Need To Raise The Barre This Spring!

Spring is now upon us, which means it’s time for skorts, sundresses and swimwear. Move over boring exercises, get in on the Barre craze. With this form of workout your abs and body will seriously burn besides getting sculpted legs like woah! How do you make sure the body is spring ready and strong with this effective, low impact and fun workout? Barre workouts have been hot for a while
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Health & Fitness: Slimming and Healthy Snacks You Need To Eat!

Well, having a fat wallet and a trim waistline is perhaps a dream come true for every young thing today! If you are yearning a nibble without a big slice of guilt to go with it, you need to tuck into a healthy snack. Before you fall victim to your next snack attack and embrace nutritious, delicious snacks like never before! Here are some ideas to satisfy your mid-morning or
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Wellness: How To Unlock Your Bridal Beauty!

What should be the colour of your wedding outfit or which make-up artist should you choose, which shoes will you wear that would look ideal but not hurt, how about the accessories? As a bride-to-be all these thoughts and perhaps a dozen more are racing through a bride’s mind. Not only does the wedding play a mental havoc but also the long hours of shopping and running for trails and