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Beauty: Everything You Need to Know About Amber Eyes


Popularly known as wolf eyes, amber eyes are not common human eye colour. It is an eye colour only found with very few people in the world. By description, the amber eyes are solid and are composed of a coppery, golden or yellowish hue.

As the name suggests, this colour is common in wolfs. So, what should you understand about amber eyes? Here we explore what they are, the best makeup tips and the personality traits possessed by people with amber eyes. Ready? Let’s go.

  1. Amber Eye and Hazel Eyes.

These are two different eyes though generally many people assume they are the same. As opposed to amber hue, hazel incorporates other hues such as brown, orange, and green. Amber contains solid golden shade while hazel contains flecks and ripples. To understand this better, eye colour is a product of lipofuscin, which is typically a yellow pigment found in the iris.

  1. Rare Occurrence.

Amber eye colour is one of the rarest eye colours in the world. People with this type of eye colour are considered unique. It is commonly found in South America and some parts of Asia. The colour varies from a golden hue to rich copper colour.

Many people consider amber eyes hypnotising and beautiful. The trait is transferred from generation to generation, and the process encompasses multiple DNA genes. As such, your eye colour can tell us something about your ancestors or ancestry. If you have this rare eye colour, you have all reasons to be proud.

  1. Celebrities with Amber Eyes.

There are some celebrities with amber eyes all over across the world. Some include Nicole Richie, Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, and Darren Criss. The list is endless.

However, amber eyes aren’t only found in humans only. This hair colour can be found in animals like wolves, fish, and eagles.

The colour of our eyes keeps on transforming over time. As we grow older our eyes become lighter and darker. For instance, if you are born with green eyes, you may have amber or blue eyes with time since when a baby is born, he doesn’t have or has little melanin in the stroma. If he is born with melanin completely lucking in the stroma, the baby gets blue eyes. Haver if he’s born with some melanin, he gets dark brown eyes as he grows up.

Therefore, it is the amount and concentration of melanin in the stroma that determines the kind of eyes you would have.

  1. What Personality Do People with Amber Eyes Possess?

People with amber eyes are believed to be a bit reserved. Again, they are very welcoming. When you get used to them, you realise that they are excellent conversationalists. They are also trustworthy. They can win your attention easily. That is why they are considered great conversationalists.

They can see excellently in the dark. However, since they have the same eyes as wolves, they may act crazy during a full moon. However, that is not to mean they turn into wolves. Rather, at this time they would find pleasure in going out for camping or mountain climbing. For wolves, they bark during the full moon. Though people with wolf eyes don’t bark, they are usually irritated to go out during the full moon.

However, not all people with amber eyes will show these behaviours. Rather, some tend to be compassionate and gentle. They have strong character and quite sensitive to some matters.

Others tend to be mysterious. They keep their circle small but still are very passionate about other people.

  1. What Are the Best Makeup Tips for Amber Eyes?

Amber eyes are very rare and beautiful. So, it can be challenging to get the right makeup for this kind of eyes. The contrasting hues are the ones that would look great on you.

It highlights your amber eyes, and you may want to choose purple and plum hues. They complement well with wolf eyes. They are the opposite side of the amber colour in the shade spectrum. Therefore, they enhance amber beautifully.

And to bring out the shine in your wolf eyes, you could opt for burgundy purple and violet purple.

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