No matter if it’s your first day at work or you want to keep your appearance fresh in front of your old colleagues, the chic business look is always a way to go. However, looking chic yet professional is not an easy task. Luckily, we are here with a few easy yet head-turning dress-up tips that will make you a star of your office.


This hybrid clothing piece is a perfect addition to your workwear. It always looks professional, especially when you opt for a model with a below-the-knee hemline. A clean, A-line silhouette will also give you a chance to pair your shirtdress with some statement shoes. Feel free to think something completely wild like a leopard!

Turtleneck and midi skirt

Dressing up for work doesn’t always have to involve super formal dresses or tailored shirts. If you want to mix things up yet still look smart, you can opt for a turtleneck/midi skirt combo. When paired together, this combination can look very polished and sophisticated yet chic and effortlessly cool. A tucked-in sweater will give you a clean look while a pair of nice heels will elevate it even further.

Patterned suit

Many women automatically reach for skirts or dresses for their office outfits. However, suits can be very feminine yet they create a confident look perfect for any businesswoman. While black tailored suits are practically timeless, they often look a bit uninspired. So, ditch the black for something bolder like tartan, stripes or even floral suit. A patterned suit can be a great way to spice up your look yet give you a professional vibe. While a little too casual and wild for an important client meeting, it’s simply perfect for any other day in the office. Pair your patterned suit with a turtleneck or a high neck T-shirt and boost for a very chic, cool and laid-back look. Also, remember this when shopping: slim and structured suits look more formal than unstructured styles.

Short suits

Since the summer is closing in, you can ditch your full suits and opt for something bolder and chicer—short suits! Of course, don’t go too short like hot pants, but keep your hemline the same length as the shortest officewear skirt you own. This will make you look professional and keep you cool no matter the weather.

Printed trousers

If a full printed suit is a bit too bold for you, you can only wear trousers and pair them with a crisp white blouse and a monochromatic jacket. For some extra style, put on a pair of simple pumps and you’ll look ready for work and for drinks after.

Dressed-up denim

Many people would never wear denim to work, but those people are really missing out. As long as you dress them up, jeans can look perfectly at home in an office. For instance, start by picking out the appropriate style—skinny and straight-leg styles look the most professional. It’s best to stay away from any rips and holes. Anything that’s distressed and too light will look a little sloppy in an office environment. Now that you have the appropriate jeans, pair them with something classic like a white blouse, black blazer and classic heels. This combo is perfect for casual Fridays and more relaxed offices.


While a jumpsuit is a must-have clothing piece for weekends and evenings, it can also be worn in the office if you know how to match it with your other things. For instance, you can layer your look with a collared shirt underneath your jumpsuit and turn it from revealing to smart and elegant. A tailored long sleeve model, on the other hand, can work just as it is and give you a very chic look.

Accessorize with chic jewelry

Accessorizing might seem easy, but it’s amazing what kind of difference can one necklace or one bracelet make. So, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, find a good guide on choosing jewelry that will make things a bit clearer for you. Essentially, for the office environment, small earrings are your best choice, because they won’t create any distractions. Pearls have always been a popular accessory thanks to their sophisticated and timeless aura. They are simple, yet make a chic statement when worn in an unexpected way.

Cover up

When you’re constantly running from one meeting to another, you need a chic cover-up. A stylish trench with edgy gathered cuffs is just what you need. Pair your entire outfit with a sleek tote bag to put your laptop and folders and you’re ready for action.

Don’t hesitate to coordinate

When in doubt, coordinate your colours and patterns. This will not only make you look super cool but also save you time in the morning when you just don’t have any interesting outfit ideas. Keep your accessories simple and you’ll get a very classy and professional look.

Dressed up like this, you’ll be able to tackle any workday and still look like a supermodel straight from the runway!

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