Popular Wedding Photography

In modern days we get to see less formal and traditional wedding ceremonies and more informal and eased weddings. Couples main motive is to enjoy their wedding day rather than stress about the details.

Keeping that in mind, we have rounded a few of the popular wedding photography trends of 2019.

Candid Shots:

In earlier days, during the traditional wedding, couples used to be aware of the camera and had to pose for the photographer to click images of the ceremony. Today’s informal wedding has changed the way wedding photography is done. A candid photographer blends in with the guests and does not impose on the ceremony by asking the couple to pose but captures the moments as and when it happens. These photos are more natural and capture moments beautifully.

Not just the wedding but the photographer also clicks candid shots when both the bride and groom are getting ready for their wedding. Couples are making sure to capture every moment of their wedding.

First Look Photos

You will find first look photos almost in all wedding culture where the photographer captures the first glimpse of the bride, groom, father, mother, bridesmaids, and other members who are part of the wedding.

Pre/Post-Wedding Shoots:

Wedding days are usually stressful, and couples get so busy with their ceremony that they are unable to utilize the photographer due to time crunch. A popular trend nowadays is a pre-wedding or a post-wedding shoot where couples choose a destination and spend a lot of time posing and getting many good photos clicked.

No Gadget Ceremonies:

This is another wedding photography trend usually followed in celebrity weddings where the couples do not allow their guests to bring any smartphones and cameras in the wedding and just want them to enjoy the time.

Social Media:

Modern couples who do not mind their friends clicking photos of their wedding ceremony encourage them to share the images on social media with a pre-defined couples name hashtag so that all their wedding images can easily be located in social media through the hashtag and the good photos can be added in their wedding album.

Selfie Shots:

How can we forget mentioning the famous selfie shots? Couples are setting up selfie stations with fun props for their friends and families to shoot nice pictures with a beautiful backdrop.

Drone Aerial Photos

Drone shots are also quite popular if it is an outdoor wedding. Getting overhead shots of the bride and groom is in trend nowadays. It also adds to the advantage that the photographer gets a wide range of angles to shoot the wedding without other people interfering or ruining the pictures.

Every couple wishes to hire the best wedding photographer to shoot their ceremony whose body of work resonates with the style the couples prefer. Couples can find the right photographer for their wedding by browsing for ‘wedding photographers near me‘ in the local listing found online along with the reviews of the photographer and his or her portfolio.

Wedding photography industry is not constant and with the increase in the use of social media and photo sharing platforms such as Instagram, we will not be surprised to see further drastic changes in the coming years.

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