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Money: Tips to Handle Your Senior Parents Finances

Handling finances can be extremely difficult for a senior citizen. They could be in failing mental and physical health. Or, unable to live on their own terms. The value of an average mortgage is about $250,000. Yet, the average monthly mortgage payment is about $1,200. Coupled with additional home related costs like insurance, utilities, food, lawn maintenance, repairs, and other costs, hundreds or thousands of dollars can be added to
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5 Tips to Get Out of a Financial Emergency

A financial emergency can occur at any time. You might come across an unexpected repair around the home or you might have to make a significant purchase that you were not prepared for. Whatever your financial emergency might be, the following five tips can help to get you out of the situation. Prioritise your expenses Not every expense that you have is equal because there are some expenses that you
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Auto: Tips for Finding the Best Car Dealerships

If you want to buy a new car, you have to go to a car dealership. However, not everyone is satisfied dealing with a car dealership. In fact, a significant number of customers report not being satisfied with their dealership experience when they are looking to buy a new car. More often than not, this is the result of not doing any research before stepping into a car dealership to
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Money: The Best Trading Strategies For Beginners

Trading on the stock exchange is becoming more and more popular and the figures for brokers indicate that new registrations are becoming more frequent. This means that the number of beginners is increasing as well. Of course, it is not only financial experts who register with online brokers. This trend shows some developments. On the one hand, that interest in the financial market is growing in society and that the
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Understanding the Details Behind Car Insurance Policies

It is important to understand the various details of the car insurance policy so that you have complete knowledge about its features. This will be useful in future when you have to make claims and you will know what coverage is provided by the policy and what is excluded from the coverage. Apart from that, most people who are new to insurance do not understand various things mentioned in the
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Personal Finance: Happy Holidays! Here’s How To Get A Christmas Loan

The holidays are here and with them comes the need to get presents. In this article, you'll learn about different ways to fund your purchases. Once you get a Christmas loan, you'll also learn how to pay off the holiday loan a little quicker so that you're not left in debt after all the presents have been opened. Secured Personal Loans You'll need collateral to get these types of loans.
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Second-hand car buyers in Dubai duped by dishonest sellers

Are you buying a second-hand car? Do you know about its working conditions properly? Sometimes, the sellers create trust among the customer and don't fulfill their needs in a proper way. It is not possible that every time you get what you look for. People try to earn a profit and run away without even offering the product. In today's world, there are raising high chances for fraud happenings. The