The vaccine for COVID-19 is on the ground and many people are being vaccinated. But COVID-19 is not a fool virus, it is changing its strains fast and consecutively it is making it tough for the vaccines to fight the virus. For example, a recently found COVID-19 strain named ‘Lambda’ has some sort of immunity against the virus.

Till the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, one of the most common symptoms seen among patients is the less working lungs as the virus attacks cells and our own body thinks the cell is the virus so tries to kill the cell by its own immune system. It is a very complex situation indeed. 

Vaccines boost immunity against the virus, but it is for sure it will take years to vaccinate the people on this mother earth. So, what to do if you are still in queue for vaccination. You have nothing to do except following the rules like wearing masks, avoiding social gather, etc. But in the meantime, you can boost your immunity by meditation.

Yes, you heard it right, meditation can help in boosting the immunity of the body, especially for the lungs. Doing regular lung meditation trains your lungs to survive in critical conditions and helps you to sustain life by sending enough Oxygen to your body.

What is Lungs Meditation?

Lungs meditation is a certain of training to your lungs that let’s know the lungs what to do when there is an Oxygen shortage. It is like preparing for the upcoming tough days to fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus.

What are the types of meditation that help the lungs?

There could be several types of meditation that can help the lungs to survive a little more in critical conditions. Among the meditation techniques available, Chinese meditation therapies are the most popular. In Chinese meditation, lungs are trained to hold Oxygen for an extra time by exercising long breathing. 

Chinese Meditation for Lungs Health

Chinese meditation for lungs maintains some rules. Primarily, it depends on long breathing exercises in addition to other body organ controlling exercises. The meditation soothes the mind and helps to spread positive energy throughout the body. Inhaling Oxygen properly and then following the rules to exhale can help boost the immune system through training the lungs to react in a specific manner during emergencies.

Qian Yuan and 8 Meditations Techniques

Qian Yuan developed eight meditation techniques based on the above principle. The meditation techniques of Qian Yuan follow the basics as well as adds other simple meditations and body concentration techniques that can help boost immunity against the deadly Covid-19 virus. The specialty of these eight meditation techniques enables the body and lungs to behave in critical conditions and therefore boosts immunity naturally without any medicine or any form of drugs. These are the combination of simple Chinese meditation techniques that have been followed for centuries in China.

Meditation calms your body and mind. It restores the positive energy within one’s own body and sends a positive vibe, which is the most important factor for self immunity.

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