The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott are in a very unique position. As both sides go into a new season, talks of a new contract will come with it. With that, the two sides must come to a compromise – and quickly.

Similar to the movie Groundhog Day, Dak and the Cowboys are stuck in the same situation as last season. And it could happen again. However, there is one caveat. Even though the Cowboys slapped a franchise tag on Prescott, he had his ankle broken in a freak accident during a game last season.

Playing Devil’s Advocate For Dak Prescott

During the games he did play, the young quarterback was on pace to shatter Peyton Manning’s single season passing yard total (5,477). He was on pace to have 6,760 passing yards. To make matters more interesting, Dak Prescott completed a career high 68% of his passes. But wait, there’s more.

Other than Prescott, the Cowboys could bring in Jacoby Brissett who comes in at half the price of the aforementioned Prescott. Brissett would come in around $15 million and change. A little lower down the list is Mitchell Trubisky. Both are decent players. Both come slightly cheaper, but only Dak knows the Dallas Cowboys offense.  Only one is younger than Prescott as well. Furthermore, Prescott also performs better. Take all of this into account, and you can see that the advantage in negotiations could go to Prescott’s side.

Final Thoughts

The situation between Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys management is rough. The Jones family stuck him with a franchise tag at $31,409 – for only a year. A second franchise tag would come with a 20% increase and come to 37,698,800. An increase from there would be over $39 million for a year. Prescott will want DeShaun Watson-like money.

Watson makes $39 million annually – $156 million overall, over a span of four years. Dak is the best option at quarterback for the Cowboys.  When the Cowboys take the field with him at the helm, they often times take control of games. With that, it puts pressure on the defense to seal the deal. As much as fans and media hate to admit it, Dak holds a 42-27 record as a starter. Having two Pro Bowl appearances under his belt, there are only two things missing from his career résumé.  Dak Prescott needs to lead the Cowboys to an NFC title and Super Bowl.


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