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Denver Broncos: Three keys to victory over the Houston Texans

The Denver Broncos have a must win on Monday Night when the Houston Texans come to down. That also brings a familiar face to town, one Brock Osweiler. The Broncos are coming off a tough two-game skid. Can they rebound Monday Night? Here are three ways that they can.

Devante Booker gets more carries

The Denver Broncos have two very solid running backs, CJ Anderson and Devonte Booker. However, one is slowly making a name for himself. Devonte Booker is catching the eyes of his coaches. So much so they are saying that he is deserving of more carries. I said all preseason that this would slowly be the way of the Broncos. Booker is a solid back and easily be a three down back for the Broncos. I expect to see a heavy load of him Monday Night.

Blitz Brock Osweiler

It is widely reported that the Denver Broncos defense wants to make life miserable for Osweiler on Monday night. Do they have something special to do this with? I can see Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips blitzing the night away. He is going to trust his corners to shut down DeAndre Hopkins and the rest of the Texans receivers, both of which are rookies. If they are up to the task, Denver can easily harass and hit Osweiler all night long. Keep an eye on these matchups.

Gary Kubiak’s return

You could see on last Thursday that the Denver Broncos missed their leader. There was just something different about the whole game last week. They could not find an offensive rhythm for 4 and half quarters. By the time they did find one, it was too late. Some of the play calls left a lot to be desired. Watch and see how Kubs gets his QB and offense going from the start. He has always been a tremendous play caller. Now let’s watch how his team responds with his return to the field.

The Denver Broncos, over the last two weeks, have shown some weaknesses. Have they been able to fix those flaws over this extended break? Only time will tell. That time begins Monday night against the Houston Texans.

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