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The New York Giants and NFL are just as guilty as Josh Brown

The NFL did the right thing by putting kicker, Josh Brown on the exempt list but it’s almost a year too late. The public is just getting wind of his off the field activities but the team knew what demons he kept in his closet.

To be clear, this is not about race, this is a story of right and wrong. Ray Rice is blackball from the NFL for striking his then-fiancée (now wife) but the New York Giants and the NFL had a chance to take a similar approach, instead they let everyone down. It wasn’t just the team and the fans that should feel hoodwinked, think about the wife and kids.

The Giants knew Molly needed help as far back as the Pro Bowl but the team and the league covered it up and in the process could have cost this woman and her kids their life. But this is what gets me extremely pissed off.  The team and the league were more worried about Odell Beckham throwing helmets and crying that they tried to brush the abuse under the rug, probably until Brown was retired.

It shouldn’t matter if you’re a Pro Bowler or not, a man has beaten on his wife for years and they let it slide because he was producing on the field. They were so many reports that the abuse was going on and when the incident at the Pro Bowl took place that should’ve been the sign to let this player go. Not only let go but publicly ridiculed like so many of the other athletes before him.

Now that the Giants have replaced him, all is to be forgiven? This is not Ray Rice, this is far worse due to the repetitive nature of the offense. The Giants have said they will stand behind their teammate and that’s all well and good but a person likes this needs to be tied up and beat repeatedly for a week with no breaks.

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How could they sweep this under the rug and yet still offer him a new contract knowing what they knew? And to make the situation worse, they had to know that it would happen again but what they didn’t expect was for it to come out the way it did. Brown broke their code of silence by snitching on himself. That alone makes the situation worse for the Giants and the NFL.

Not only did the Giants take a black eye for this but the NFL as well. If I’m the wife I’m taking up charges against the Giants and the NFL. They covered all this up, but I guess safety rules only applies to players and not their families. With the NFL placing him on the Exempt List Brown will have three days to appeal. But even if he does the NFL should open the letter, laugh, then rip it up and shred it.

Players have taken the violent nature of the game stance, but Brown is a kicker. What violent nature has he been involved in? He cites his upbringing but once again where was the NFL when it was time to dig into a person’s personal life before they drafted him? But I guess they overlooked his arrest in college. They were only early warning signs so no big deal right?

This is not a time for the Giants fans to feel bad, they should rejoice that a monster like this is out the game. But why the hell is he still on the roster?

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