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The game of blasting does not go back many years and in the last few years, betting has been added to the list of games. You can experience high excitement by participating in the explosion game and earn a good income. How to play it is not a problem, but you must first be familiar with a few basic things to be able to prepare yourself for the start of the match.

What is a Blast Game?

In Blast Game you have to predict the game chart coefficients. For example, how many numbers does the game chart want, this number can vary from 1 to infinity. We must say that this game was first introduced on the Betball 90 betting site and its designer is Farshid Amir Shaghaghi. Currently, Blast Game is one of the most popular online betting games on Iranian betting sites. آموزش بازی انفجار ترفند و هک بازی انفجار + الگوریتم ضریب 100 درصد برد

How to play Blast in simple language

In the explosion game we have an incremental graph.

Its value rises randomly to infinity.

For example, it may be cut to 100 or zero.

In this game, select an amount and start the game.

With the start of the game, the graph and its coefficient increase.

If we hit the prize pool before closing, we win.

But if we harvest after closing, we will lose.

 What is betting like in Blast Game?

آموزش بازی انفجار | ترفند بازی انفجار | هک بازی انفجار | الگوریتم بازی انفجار

The graph shows a number that is increasing over time. This number is basically the same as your game coefficient. You have to press the withdrawal button after registering the bet and starting the growth of the activity and just before the growth of the chart stopped. This will record the number that appears on the chart for you the moment you press the button.

Calculate the amount of wins in the blast game

This means that your money is multiplied by it and transferred to your personal account. For example, you start with 100 thousand tomans and put it on the coefficient of 5 and press the button. You have easily and in a few seconds turned your 100 Tomans into 600 thousand Tomans. It is clear that this game is one of the fastest ways to earn money!

But if you can not take the coefficient before closing, it means that you have lost that stage and you will not have a chance to win it. There is no limit to the amount of the bet. This amount may be too low or too high. This process is related to the management of your capital and the process of your strategy. Of course, if you learn the trick of the explosion game, you can easily increase your winning percentage.

Source: footbal91.com

How to win the blast game?

There are many solutions to success based on the experience that we express to those of you who are interested. To begin with, the best solution is to first try to analyze the odds trend without a few hands competing. Because this is how you generally get acquainted with current events.

Start the game in the next step, but not with high numbers!

Start with fewer digits.

Also pick on the lower coefficients.

Gradually increase your profit.

Then go to the high digits and pick at the high coefficient.

In this case, you will get acquainted with the relative process of the algorithm.

Also, if you lose the bet, you have not lost anything.

Your losses have all been due and your original money is intact.

ترفند بازی انفجار

 There are also many other ways that you can win the blast game. For example, you can use exponential or coefficient reading methods, algorithm prediction, and که, each of which are described in the following sections. The important thing to know is that you have to choose one of these methods according to your skills.

What is the blast game coefficient?

The blast game coefficient is in fact the same as the graph number, which is constantly changing and increasing. Winning or losing in the blast game also depends on the same coefficient changes, people who have become professional in this game and can understand the process of generating coefficients, will always win the blast game. As mentioned above, these coefficients are generated by random number generation software and entered into the game.

 How to determine the explosion game coefficient?

Determining the explosion game coefficient is the surest way to win the explosion game and win the bet. Before doing anything, you should just watch the game for a few rounds and analyze the coefficients where the graph turns red. Coefficients are easily exposed to users. Of course, keep in mind that for this you need to practice and carefully study the game statistics.

You need to know the statistical charts

Using this method requires basic knowledge of statistical charts. You draw a graph where: one axis is the number of game rounds and the other axis is the graph coefficient. By punctuating the coefficients in the game rounds and connecting these points together, you have a graph of the behavior of the game chart and you can analyze its ascending and descending waves; Plan for betting in the blast game.

What is the golden ratio of the explosion game?

We have to say that reputable explosion sites, like idol smokers, have golden explosion coefficients. If you have a question, what is the golden ratio? We must say that they are the highest in every time period. Coefficients that are higher than 5 are displayed as the best coefficient and in golden color in the history of coefficients. If you know the explosion coefficient well, you can predict these excellent coefficients.

Explosion reading game training

The third trick is also one of the analytical tricks, but it is a simpler method than the previous trick. You should check the history of game odds in a game such as 20 rounds, for example, to identify the percentage of green odds. After identifying the percentage, you need to find the pattern in which the coefficients turn green.

Auto-adjust coefficient in blast game

Automatically adjusting explosion coefficients helps you to automatically submit everything to the site and chart. In other words, you do not have to sit at the computer and wait to press the stop button. You can enter any coefficient you want in the box for “Automatic adjustment of explosion coefficients”. If the graph reaches that numerical growth, you will win the bet.

One of the game options is that you can set your coefficient on automatic withdrawal. This means, for example, that you take a coefficient for yourself, for example 5, and command that if the coefficient reaches 5, the stop button will be hit for you. You will automatically withdraw this money. Note that it will not be as simple as we explained to you, but this is the general definition of this option.

Important note about automatic explosion retrieval

For example, the coefficient you choose may not reach that number and you will lose your money. So do not think that any coefficient, even a small one, if you choose the growth of the chart will definitely reach that number. No, this is not the case. So be aware of this point as well. For example, suppose the odds go up to 10 in the middle of the game and your setting at the end of the game is 6.

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