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Fantasy Football : One to Start, One To Sit : Kansas City vs. Philadelphia

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One to start, One to sit is a weekly column where each NFL game will be evaluated and the best/worst fantasy match-ups will be listed.

Special Thursday Night Football edition.
Kansas City Chiefs @ Philadelphia Eagles

Best Option

KC- Alex Smith
PHI- DeSean Jackson

Alex Smith is quietly becoming a top-tier fantasy QB (he currently stands in 11th among top scoring fantasy QB’s- Higher than Kaepernick, Brees, Cam, and Brady ). His ability to keep the ball safe (a.k.a. no turnovers so far) as well as his running ability makes him a duel threat in any game. While the passing yards have not been there, Smith has averaged 2 passing TD’s a game. Philly’s passing defense is giving up over 360 yards through the air (making RG3 and Phillip Rivers look way better than they should). All signs point to Smith putting up another 20 point fantasy day.

2 games, 297 Yards on 16 catches. To say DeSean Jackson is back is an understatement, he’s back with a vengeance. The six-year veteran has only broken the 1000 yard receiving marker only twice in his career, but is on pace to break that near the midway point of this season. While he’ll be covered primarily by Brandon Flowers, we found out last week Flowers may not be as good as advertised (Gave up 9 rec for 141 yards and a TD to Dez Bryant last week on man to man coverage). Philly’s WR/TE core is good enough to keep DeSean producing like he has been. KC’s running def is quite good, shutting down DeMarco Murray and Maurice Jones Drew. So it’ll be Philly’s passing attack tonight that will carry the Eagles with DeSean leading the way.

Worst Option

PHI-LeSean McCoy

Over the past 2 weeks, KC’s defense has been a pleasant surprise. Holding Jacksonville to just 2 points, and Dallas’ steady offense to 16 while still giving up a big game to Dez Bryant. However, Philly’s hurry up offense is a beast by itself. Michael Vick has been rejuvenated to his old self (or it seems so far). LeSean McCoy is playing out of his mind, and the receiving weapons, other than DeSean Jackson, are all good enough to break for a big game. While KC did look good on the road at Jacksonville, comparing their offense to Philly would be like comparing ice cream to horse manure.

Tonight is KC’s first road test against the fastest pressing offense in the NFL. While they may get a pick or a sack here and there, holding Philly from scoring all game seems very unlikely.

Lets be fair, unless you have complete faith in me, you’re not benching LeSean McCoy. McCoy is playing out of his mind now, averaging just over 115 yards rushing a game, and is also Philly’s 2nd leading receiver.

However, like KC’s def, tonight is his first true test against a solid def line. While holding MJD and DeMarco Murray both under 50 yards rushing, KC has held opposing offenses under 55 yards rushing this season. Depending on Philly’s game plan rushing wise (McCoy had 31 carries in week 1, only 11 in week 2), we could be seeing the first game LeSean McCoy fails to perform in this season.

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