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Fantasy Football: Start/Sit Options Week 10

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(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images North America)
(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images North America)


One to start, One to sit is a weekly column where each NFL game will be evaluated and the best/worst fantasy match-ups will be listed.


Bills @ Steelers

Best Option
BUF- CJ Spiller/ Fred Jackson
PIT- Emmanuel Sanders

Over the past 2 weeks, it seems whatever RB you start against the Steelers, they’ll hit pay dirt. 6 Rushing TD’s over the past 2 weeks (1 to a running QB) for a combined 394 yards given up on the ground. What does Buffalo do more than any other team in the NFL? Run the ball. Both Spiller and Jackson are healthy and while they will eat into each other’s time and stats but both have to be considered the top options in this matchup.
13 receptions, 22 targets, for 186 yards and a TD over the past two games. Sanders value has never been higher. Against a Bills secondary that ranks 2nd to worst in the NFL with 20 passing TD’s given up, look for the Steelers to air it out on Sunday. While Sanders remains more of a possession type receiver. He still ranks 2nd in targets on the team since their bye week (30).

Worst Option
BUF- Stevie Johnson
PIT- Le’Veon Bell

Even though they got torched last week for 432 yards through the air, the Steelers remain one of the toughest matchups for opposing WR’s. Take away the New England game and since their bye week, the Steelers secondary has allowed just one TD through the air in 3 of their last 4 games. While the Pats found success, EJ Manuel and company are not the Pats offense. The Steelers specialize in taking out the lead receiver for the opposing offense (Denarius Moore, Torrey Smith, and Stephen Hill averaged to 46.3 yards and zero TD’s against this D). Expect Stevie to fall into this gap on Sunday.
The Bills have gone 4 straight weeks without giving up a rushing TD. While during that span they’ve given up a staggering 4.9 yards per carry and averaged 75 yards to opposing lead rushers per game. So it’s an odd matchup. Bell who doesn’t excel at getting yards, but finds his fantasy value at the goal line and passing game (averages 85.8 total yards a game) vs a defense that gives up the yards, but not the rushing TD’s (The Bills have given up just 2 rushing TD’s all season). In that matchup, I go with the norm, expect Bell to rack up the yards, but fail to score a TD in this game leaving him with a probable single digit fantasy performance.

Lions @ Bears

Best Option
DET- Kris Durham
CHI- Jay Cutler

The question to this match isn’t who’s going to have the best game, because obviously if you own, Stafford, Bush, Calvin, Marshall, Forte, Jeffrey, Bennett, Akers, and Gould you’re starting them this week. You may even go as far as to say Chicago’s defense. However, the question is, what waiver wire/bench player on either roster is going to show up this week. While the players I listed above are going to be the factors in this game, it’s Kris Durham and Jay Cutler who I think will be the best waiver/bench moves you could make in this one.
Durham remains a possession style receiver, but is still second on the Lions in targets. While his fantasy day was saved 2 weeks ago on the 40 yard reception he had vs Dallas, Durham has averaged 8 targets a game over the past 4 matchups. He remains Stafford’s 3rd best weapon behind Bush and Calvin, but don’t be surprised if he racks up a TD in this shootout.
Before he got hurt, Cutler put up back to back 20 point performances against the Saints and Giants. Detroit’s passing def ranks 26th in yards allowed, and don’t pressure the QB that much (only 13 sacks). Cutler has averaged 36 passes a game (excluding vs. Washington), against the high scoring Lions, expect him to get a load of opportunities in this possible shootout.
Worst Option
DET- Calvin Johnson
CHI- Matt Forte

63 Fantasy points in his last 2 games, unreal. You would think by now defenses would put at least 2 bodies on him at all times right? Regardless, the last time Calvin faced the Bears, they held him to just 44 yards receiving and 1 TD. While this may be because of Detroit’s leaning on Reggie Bush in that matchup (139 rushing yards, 34 receiving yards, and 1 TD), or it could be because the Bears may have Calvin’s number. In his last 5 matchups vs the Bears, Calvin has just scored 2 TD’s, and has averaged 72 receiving yards. I know he’s a monster, and Stafford is going to feed him the ball, but don’t be surprised if Chicago holds him to under 15 fantasy points in this game.
The last time these two teams met, Forte went off for 95 rushing yards,22 receiving yards, and a td. Since then, the Lions defense has held opposing RBs to 42.6 yards per game, 3.3 yards per carry, and zero TD’s. Something’s gotta give right? I think with Cutler returning, and Forte’s good but not great numbers in home games (averaging 12 fantasy points at home) will keep him grounded in this game. Expect 9-13 points for him if he doesn’t score a TD.

Rams @ Colts

Best Option
STL- Zac Stacy/Chris Givens
INDY- Indy defense.

I’ll admit, I bought into the Donald Brown hype a bit too much last week (to be fair though (49 yards on 6 carries for an 8.2 average is pretty friggin good). So while Brown’s time may not come until later this year (unless T-Rich doesn’t play this week, if he’s out. START BROWN AND WATCH HIM REAP THE BENEFITS!), the Colts remain slim pickens in terms of sleeper fantasy comities. You’re gonna start Hilton and Luck, Richardson’s a bust, so who’s left? Guess I’m taking the easy way out with Indy’s defense. While they haven’t been much to celebrate over the past 3 weeks (just 5 total fantasy points scored, with one negative 4 performance against Houston), the Rams provide a breath of fresh air with their shaky passing game. It comes down to stopping Zac Stacy and forcing Clemens to air it out. If Indy can accomplish this, expect them to score more than the 7 points they’ve been averaging at home.
Not much I can say on Stacy anymore, he should be owned in all leagues and he is the Rams offense. There is a possibility of Givens breaking out through the mediocracy that is the Rams WR/TE. Throughout the season, this group has stayed together in terms of stats, targets, and TD’s. Allowing no fantasy owner to consider one greater than the other. It’s the lesser equivalent of the Saints spread the ball out offense. With the exception of Jared Cook (who is still fighting with Lance Kendricks for time and targets), Givens is leading the Rams WR’s in production and targets since Kellen Clemens took over. While Indy’s passing D isn’t that bad of a matchup, Givens is probably the best hail-mary option in the Rams passing game. If you’re looking for a desperate waiver wire player, couldn’t do too bad with Givens.

Worst Option
STL- Rams defense
INDY- Trent Richardson

Said it last week, don’t trust this defense. Especially this week. If there’s one thing Indy does well, it’s taking care of the football. Luck has only 3 interceptions on the season, Trent Richardson has just 1 fumble, and that’s it. That accounts for all the turnovers Indy has accounted for this season. Indy also averages 26 points a game. This is not a question about how bad the Rams defense is, but how good Indy’s offense is. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!
Another week, another reason to put T-Rich on your bench. The Rams may be one of the worst teams against the run, but that hasn’t stopped T-Rich from playing awful before. He put up his biggest numbers of the season, 12 against Jacksonville aka the worst running defense in the NFL, that’s the high bar he’s set for himself. He’s also listed as questionable due to his ankle.

Raiders @ Giants

Best Option
OAK- Denarius Moore
NYG- Eli Manning

While the Giants secondary has played just as good as their running defense, there’s a reason to it. Over the last 2 games they’ve gone up against Josh Freeman (making his debut with Minnesota) and Matt Barkley. Eliminating those 2 games, this is still a secondary that’s given up 14 passing TD’s to opponents with legit, starting QB’s. Pryor set a new career high last week with 288 yards passing, with Moore receiving most of his targets (26% of all of Pryor’s passes were to Moore). Moore does lead the Raiders in targets by a large margin and could be the safest bet against an overrated Giants secondary.
With the running game still in flux (Andre Brown and Peyton Hillis will be splitting carries) and Oakland’s tough running defense, look at the Giants to air it out with Eli this week. I’m gonna be honest, I’m feelin a breakout performance from Mr. Manning the likes of week one (28 pts vs Dallas). Oakland just got lit up by Nick Foles for 7 TD’s a week go, and now are traveling across country to face Eli and his merry crew of WR’s. Reuben Randle, Victor Cruz, and Hakeem Nicks should all have games (1 probably won’t, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad), and the Giants should (keyword SHOULD) have no problems putting up points in this game.

Worst Option
OAK- Rashad Jennings
NYG- Andre Brown / Peyton Hillis

I know he’s coming off his best game this season (and possibly his career, 176 total yards and a td), but there’s something different going on in NY. Over the past 3 weeks, the Giants have not allowed a single rushing TD, and have held 3 of the top RB’s in the NFL (AP, McCoy, and Forte) to an average of 77.3 total yards a game. I know Oakland’s offense is based around the run, but Pryor and Jennings may have their work cut out for them in this one.
All year it’s been like this for any Giants RB. First it was David Wilson’s backfield, then Brandon Jacobs, then Peyton Hillis, now Andre Brown returns and nobody knows what the hell is going on anymore. Hillis hasn’t done bad since joining the Giants 3 weeks ago, being a big help in the passing game (8 receptions in 2 games) but his 2.7 yards per carry isn’t close to where the Giants want to be on the ground. ESPN has reported that Andre Brown is #1 on the depth chart, but Hillis is expected to be the starter on Sunday (Make sense of that if you will). Coughlin’s history with RB’s doesn’t help either one’s cause and to be fair, both are bench-able this week due to their matchup with Oakland (6th against the run) and the fact that you don’t know who is going to get the ball. If you start either one, the likelihood of them not getting a single carry is a possibility.

Panthers @ 49ers

Best Option
CAR- Cam Newton
SF- Colin Kaepernick

I know I’m cheating here, but with each team holding a monster defense, any playmaker on offense besides these two guys is way too big of a risk to start. Both guys can run, and throw very accurately, if either team scores any TD’s, it’ll be because these guys made a big play on offense. They’re the only two safe picks I’d feel comfortable with starting this Sunday.

Worst Option
CAR- Panthers defense
SF- Frank Gore

Something’s gotta give here. These two teams are both on huge streaks offensively. San Fran has scored at least 30 points in 5 straight games, while Carolina has done the same in 4 straight weeks. Both defenses rank near the top 10 in both rushing and passing defense.
6 Straight weeks of double digit performances will come to an end on Sunday. The 49ers are 4th in the league in rushing attempts and are 1st in rushing yards. What does this have to do with the Panthers defense? Kinda hard to score points on sacks (23) and interceptions (12) when the opponent has a strong ground and pound offense.
With that said, we have Frank Gore. He’s facing one of the strongest running defenses in the NFL. Carolina has given up just 2 rushing TD’s all season, and have held opposing RB’s to an average of 52 yards on the ground. Their last rushing TD given up was 5 games ago. This has the makings for a low scoring affair, while Gore will get his normal workload, don’t be shocked if he ends up with a single digit fantasy performance.

Texans @ Cardinals

Best Option
HOU- Andre Johnson
ZONA- Andre Ellington

So one of my questions were answered last week, was it possible for Andre Johnson to post a 1200 plus yard season and score zero TD’s? The answer, an obvious no, but it was awesome to finally see the monster WR get into the end zone 3 times last week. Since Case Keenum took over, Johnson’s targets haven’t dropped a bit. He’s still the primary option in the Texans passing game, and although Patrick Peterson will be on Andre all game, his abilities still make him the most dangerous weapon on the Texans offense.
Rashard Mendenhall is starting at RB, but the Cards have stated they would like to continue to give Ellington the ball (roughly around 20 touches a game). Houston’s defense ranks around Atlanta where Ellington went off for 154 rushing yards and a TD, so a possible repeat performance may be in the works. However, Mendenhall is Zona’s goal line back, and could vulture a TD or two away.

Worst Option
HOU- Ben Tate
ZONA- Cardinals defense

Arian Foster is out this week, so the backfield belongs to Ben Tate. Unfortunately for him, the Cardinals tough running defense awaits. Just two running backs have scored on this defense all season (Marshawn Lynch and Kendall Hunter), while Zona has allowed just 88 yards on the ground to opposing teams this season. While the backfield may be Tate’s, only Frank Gore and Lynch have been able to top 90 rushing yards on this strong defense.
Since Keenum took over, opposing defenses have scored a total of 6 points against the Texans (10 from KC, negative 4 from INDY). The Cards rank 6th overall in fantasy defenses averaging 12 points per home game. Keenum has yet to throw an interception this season and the Texans run a very safe, balanced offense, not overexposing their rookie QB too much. The Cards defense may be good, but you’ll have to rely on a low amount of points scored and sacks to get your def/st points here.

Bengals @ Ravens

Best Option
CIN- Marvin Jones
BAL- Joe Flacco

AFC North games tend to fare on the more defensive/less scoring style of games, so if you have Cincy or Baltimore’s defense I definitely recommend starting them. However, on the offensive side. Marvin Jones has risen over the past few weeks to becoming one of Andy Dalton’s more reliable targets. Excluding his breakout game against the Jets, Jones has 2 TD’s in 3 games, and hasn’t gotten under 50 yards receiving since early October. The Ravens are coming off a game where Greg Little torched them for 122 yards, and Davone Bess scored 2 TD’s off of them. They have a history of handling AJ Green (122 yards, 0 TD’s in 3 matches vs. Baltimore), which could allow Jones to reap the benefits of this matchup.
Joe Flacco has been on a strong run as of late. 3 straight games of double digit fantasy outings along with 5 TD passes in his last 3 games. The Ravens are still trying to balance their attack on offense with Flacco winding up with a usual 30-35 passing attempts per game. However, with Cincy losing Geno Atkins for the season, losing a major player in their pass rush, as well as giving up an average of 16.5 points to opposing QB’s in 3 of their last 4 matchups. Flacco seems primed for another double digit outing.

Worst Option
CIN- Giovanni Bernard
BAL- Ray Rice

Baltimore is the worst matchup for any opposing RB. They’ve allowed just 1 rushing TD all season and average just a little more than 100 rushing yards to opposing backs a game. Bernard has been hot/cold for the past few weeks, but his best attribute remains his pass catching ability. Baltimore is coming off an embarrassing loss to Cleveland, and will look to send a message in this one. With Bernard going into this game questionable (ribs), don’t be surprised if his touches are limited if he plays.
Geno Atkins is out for the season, but Cincy’s front 7 is still a scary matchup for any opposing RB. Ray Rice has been under performing all season (call it lack of touches, call it no identity on offense, whatever, fact is he’s been terrible for most of this season), not yet running past 74 yards, and not receiving for more than 35 yards in a game. Rice is a mess. While Lamar Miller had a big game last week totaling over 120 yards, the Bengals defense has been tough lately on opposing RB’s, holding them to an average of 56 rushing yards a game.

Eagles @ Packers

Best Option
PHI- Nick Foles
GB- Seneca Wallace

LET IT RIDE! No.. He’s not going to throw for 7 TD passes, but with just how bad Philly’s defense is, a shootout is possible every week with this squad. Green Bay has just 3 interceptions entering this game and has allowed a 20 point fantasy performance from Josh McCown. He won’t come close to matching last week’s output, but if Foles just put up half of that (22-23 points), I’m sure that would please all of his fantasy owners.
I’m not going to hit the GB WR/Passing game panic button just yet. While Chicago’s passing defense was bad. Philly’s is the worst in the NFL. Wallace has a strong running game to fall back on, has 2 great receivers to throw to, and has the legs to run the ball himself. If he doesn’t put up double digit fantasy numbers in this game, you have the right to be scared for GB’s offense, however, I remain optimistic that the Pack will be just fine in this matchup.

Worst Option
PHI- LeSean McCoy
GB- Packers defense

Lately, McCoy’s been kinda underperforming. After a strong start (first 3 games were over 100 total yards), he’s quieted down for the past 3 games (cept in PPR) averaging just 75 yards a game. Green Bay boasts the 5th best rushing defense in the NFL, giving up less than 95 rushing yards a game. While Matt Forte found success against this defense, I find it hard to believe it’ll happen 2 straight weeks.
Lets see, GB is going up against one of the top 5 rb’s in the NFL (McCoy) and a QB that just threw for 7 TD’s in a game. What part of that last sentence had any good news in it? While Foles does remain a hot/cold option (HE THREW FOR 80 YARDS THE SECOND TO LAST GAME HE PLAYED IN), he still takes care of the ball (no interceptions/fumbles) and can put up points for the Eagles.

Jaguars @ Titans

Best Option
JAX- Maurice Jones Drew
TEN- Chris Johnson

Tennessee has given up 2 rushing TD’s in three straight games. Their passing defense remains a solid unit, their rushing defense is another story. They rank 26th in the NFL, giving up 122.5 yards on the ground a game, and if there’s any legit weapon Jacksonville has, it’s MJD. With Blackmon out for the season (failed drug test/stupidity). and MJD’s reemergence over the past few weeks (3 out of 4 games he’s rushed for 70 yards or more), look for a heavy dose of MJD in this game.
Could the Chris johnson of old be back? Two straight weeks of high scoring fantasy games and now going up against the worst running defense in the NFL, I’d say so. The Jags have allowed an NFL worst 13 TD’s to opposing RB’s and 161 rushing yards a game, so a 100 yard game shouldn’t be out of the question with Johnson. The only downside to him is the return of Shonn Greene who vultured one of CJ’s td’s last week. Greene appears to be the goal line/short yard back for the Titans, but you should still expect another double digit performance from Johnson.

Worst Option
JAX- Cecil Shorts
TEN- Kendall Wright

With Blackmon gone, the only trustworthy WR Jacksonville has now is Cecil Shorts (although look for MIKE BROWN to get more targets). Tennessee ranks 7th against the pass and are tied for first (along with Carolina) with only 7 TD passes surrendered this season. Against Chad Henne who’s only thrown for 3 TD’s this season and 5 ints. Any Jags WR shouldn’t have a lot of production in this matchup. Only positive to come from this is if Henne’s gonna trust any WR on his team, Shorts is the guy.
Over the past 4 weeks, the Jags have been relatively tough against opposing WR’s. Not allowing a single receiver to pass 85 receiving yards. Wright continues to be QB Jake Locker’s favorite target, but has only scored 1 TD this season. Don’t be surprised if Wright ends up with another single digit fantasy performance after this game.

Seahawks @ Falcons

Best Option
SEA- Russell Wilson
ATL- Steven Jackson

Wilson has been steadily rising among the ranks of fantasy QB’s these last few weeks, having 5 straight games of double digit fantasy performances (2 in which were 20+ outings). This week, he faces a Falcons defense that has given up an average of 16 fantasy points to opposing QB’s the past 3 weeks. Opposing QB’s have also averaged 21.6 fantasy points while playing At Atlanta this season. In short, the Falcons defense can’t stop anyone. While Wilson only averages 186 passing yards a game, he has been on in the red zone as of late, scoring at least 2 passing TD’s in his last 3 games.
Over the past 2 weeks, the Seahawks running defense has looked pretty vulnerable. Zac Stacy and Mike James lit up this squad for a combined 292 yards on the ground. Atlanta desperately needs to establish a running game since Jackson’s returned (gaining just 63 yards on 24 carries = 2.6 ypc) and this matchup against the Seahawks may be the game to do it. Like Atlanta’s running defense, Seattle does give up a lot of yards on the ground (116 ypg), but have given up only 4 rushing TD’s. (Seattle’s passing defense is way tougher, hence why Jackson is here and Lynch is in the Worst section). Expect Jackson to get a healthy dose of touches on Sunday.

Worst Option
SEA- Marshawn Lynch
ATL- Matt Ryan
Lynch hasn’t rushed for a TD in two weeks and has been average at best while playing on the road (averages about 9 fantasy points on road games). Atlanta’s running defense, while it does rank near the bottom in average rushing yards allowed in a game, still remains tough in the red zone, only giving up 5 rushing TD’s this season (granted 3 of them were in the last 2 weeks, but 2 of them came against Carolina, who barely pass in their goal line offense). While this matchup shouldn’t ultimately kill Lynch’s numbers, it’s still the toughest matchup on paper for the Seahawks to overcome.
7 Interceptions in the last 2 games. His team is hurting all around him, his running game is lacking, he’s playing against one of the best passing defenses in the NFL, need I say more? Roddy White may return in this game, giving Ryan someone else to throw to, it’s still very difficult to defend him in his game due to his recent performances of the past two weeks. This may be Eli Manning version 2.0. Tons of potential, great talent around him (Roddy, Gonzo) or is making average players a lot better (Douglas, Rodgers), but is still underperforming. While Ryan’s schedule is favorable down the road, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable starting him this week.
Broncos @ Chargers

Best Option
DEN- The 3 Headed monster at WR (Thomas, Welker, Decker ) and Julius Thomas
SD- Danny Woodhead

You can’t pick one. I would have put Joel Dressen or Jacob Tamme here if Julius Thomas was not playing, but he’s listed as probable in this game. So fire all Denver WR/TE if you have them. Unless something happens to Manning (knock on wood), they all should have a very productive game.
3 out of the last 4 games, the Broncos have given up a TD to opposing RB’s, 4 straight if you’re counting Andrew Luck. SD has had a resurrection in their running game thanks to the Mathews/Woodhead combination. While Mathews seems to be getting the bulk of the carries, it’s Woodhead that’s getting the production done, outperforming Mathews in 4 of the last 6 games. Woodhead seems to get his production done mainly through the passing game (391 receiving yards and 49 receptions this season), which should be the primary mode of moving the ball against the horrific Broncos pass defense. Woodhead is coming off a 9 catch game against the Redskins, he could repeat that stat on Sunday.

Worst Option
DEN- Knowshon Moreno
SD- Ryan Mathews / Vincent Brown

Okay, while San Diego’s defense has given up 4 rushing TD’s against the Redskins last week, prior to that, they have only given up 2 rushing TD’s all season. So I’m going with the quantity over the quality in this game. Eliminating the Redskins game, San Diego has not allowed an opposing RB to cross the end zone this season. Michael Vick and Jake Locker own the other two rushing TD’s this defense has let up. Over the past 5 weeks they’ve held opposing rb’s to just 61.8 yards on the ground. I know this is Denver, and the odds of holding their offense to a few points is slim. However, I feel Knowshon is very TD reliant in this game. Don’t be surprised if he ends up with just 50-60 yards on the ground. If he does score a lot of fantasy points, it’ll be due to getting the goal line touches.
For Mathews, it’s strictly the fact that he’s not on the field for passing downs, and is strictly used as a running back. Not bad for this season, but against the Broncos who average just 81.5 rushing yards to opponents a game, the matchup on paper doesn’t bode well for Mathews. As for Vincent Brown, don’t get cute with this matchup. Denver’s secondary may be bad but Brown falls behind Gates, Allen, Royal, Woodhead, Mathews, and probably Rivers running the ball in himself on the Chargers pecking order. Brown started the season as a potential sleeper for the Chargers because “somebody’s gotta catch the passes”, but has been overshadowed by Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal as more reliable targets for Rivers.

Cowboys @ Saints

Best Option
DAL- DeMarco Murray
NO- Pierre Thomas

The Saints are giving up 4.7 yards per carry this season, and Dallas fed the ball to Murray only 4 times last game. So what’s going to change? More carries for Murray in this one. The Jets proved that you can win by running the ball against the Saints (and by pressuring Brees a ton!) At least 18-20 touches for Murray should be suffice in this one.
For the first time in a while, the Saints may actually have a leading RB. After years of split time, Pierre Thomas has emerged as the Saints leading rusher (I know as soon as I put this piece out, Darren Sproles will probably lead the Saints on sunday with carries,yards, and TDs). Anyways, 3 straight games of 4 yards per carry, and playing a huge factor on passing downs, Thomas faces a Cowboys defense that has allowed a TD to a running back in 4 of the last 5 weeks. With the Saints offense being supercharged at home (averaging close to 32 points a game at home, while only 22.25 on the road), expect Thomas to get his usual 12-17 touches in this game.

Worst Option
DAL- Tony Romo
NO- The Saints WR’s

Like Drew Brees, the Saint’s defense is a completely different unit at home. They hold opposing QB’s to 243.5 passing yards a game and have have surrendered just 4 passing TD’s while grabbing 7 interceptions through 4 home games (216 ypg, 4 td’s,2 ints on the road). Romo is coming off of two great fantasy outings, and has the capability of scoring loads of points in this game. However, I don’t think he’s going to reach the monster 40-50 passing attempts he’s reached in two of the past 3 games, (expect Dallas to return to the run), and the Saints defense is good enough to hold him to a possible single digit fantasy outing.
This is really amazing. Brees has thrown for 21 TD’s this year, nearly half of them to Jimmy Graham, the other 11 TD passes, scattered across 8 other players, including a Travaris Cadet who has caught 1 catch all season…. For a TD none the less. Anyways, this season the Saints have had 2 certainties. 1) Brees is going to throw… A lot, 2) Jimmy Graham is going to be his top red zone target. So where does that leave the rest of the Saints’ WR? Colston has underperformed all season, Moore and Stills come and go as they please, Meachem and Toon are deep threats, and you’d have to be crazy to start Ben Watson in any league in hopes he produces (actually have someone in one of my leagues starting Watson). It’s literally playing “whack a mole” with these guys. One is going to go off and have a great game, one will get you maybe 5 points if you’re lucky, and one will be ignored for the majority of the game. So you’re stuck as an owner to pick a Saints WR in hopes that he’ll be the guy. My prediction? Moore is the beast WR this week, Colston has another underperforming game, and Stills is completely ignored. Sorry if that doesn’t help ya, but it has been like that all season for fantasy owners of Saints WR’s.

Dolphins @ Buccaneers

Best Option
MIA- Lamar Miller
TB- Mike James

Over the past 2 games, Miller has had 41 touches (compared to Daniel Thomas’ 23) and has went off for a total of 241 yards in that span. Could there be a change in the offensive scheme in Miami? The Bucs don’t offer up the best matchup on paper for Miller (TB has the 12th best running defense and has only given up 4 rushing TD’s all season), but you can’t argue with this kind of productivity for Miller. If he gets the attempts, expect another double digit performance from him.
Miami allows the third most fantasy points to opposing RB’s, so this is a very good matchup for James after his awesome 158 yard (and 1 passing TD) performance against the Seahawks last week. While James was clearly the primary focus for TB last week, I’d expect a decrease in touches this time around. Miami is also suspect against the pass, but having given up 9 rushing TD’s this season, and with no competition in the backfield for James, he should end up with another double digit performance.

Worst Option
MIA- Charles Clay
TB- Mike Glennon

The fear of Revis being on Hartline or Wallace is there, but surprisingly, the Bucs have held opposing TE’s to limited stats recently. After getting torched by Jimmy Graham in week 2, the Bucs have held opposing TE’s to 15 catches for 177 yards and 1 TD in 6 games.
After getting destroyed by Drew Brees on Monday night football. The Dolphins secondary has turned itself around and have become a tough matchup for opposing QB’s. 6 interceptions in the past 4 games, 1 passing TD, and an average of 231 passing yards a game given up during that span which averages out to 7.5 points for opposing QB’s doesn’t bode well for Mike Glennon. While Glennon has been on a tear lately (4 straight games of 15 or more fantasy points), I think it comes to end this Monday against a tough Dolphins defense.


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