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Game of Thrones: Pushing Season Eight To 2019 Would Be Painful And Unnecessary

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Don’t do it HBO, don’t do it. Given there are only 13 more episodes left for Game of Thrones, the last thing fans need is to have the final six episodes pushed to 2019. Unfortunately, that sounds like it is a possibility. Talk about a lengthy wait.

So before we go any further, let’s just get a quick rundown of what is left to go for the hit show. We have gotten six glorious seasons of action, blood and fighting. Each of these seasons consisted of 10 episodes each, meaning we are 60 episodes in. It has since been announced that there will only be two more seasons.

But these two seasons will be shortened. The upcoming seventh season, which will begin July 16th (about a month and a half away), will consist of seven episodes. Then the eighth and final season will only be six episodes. That means we are left with roughly 13 hours left of Thrones action on our television screens.

With seven episodes this season, that means just under two months, as opposed to the normal two and a half months. If the show airs straight through, with no weeks off during the upcoming season, that would mean season seven will wrap up on August 27th, 2017.

That brings us back to the potential news about season eight. It seems like the potential hold up would be because they are still in the process of writing those episodes, and the shooting schedule has yet to be determined. The filming for this current season was pushed back to allow for a change in weather. Because Winter is now here on the show.

So I would venture to guess, that would likely be the case once again in season eight. But my question is, if they delayed shooting for season seven, and could still release in July of 2017, why would they not be able to do the same for the final season? I just do not follow why they would not be able to release by July (which is later than normal for Thrones) 2018.

If the final season is indeed pushed back to 2019, it would make sense that it would be Summer of 2019. The show always runs in the Summer, so having it run in say January or February of 2019 would just seem a little off. So, we will say the show runs in June of 2019 if they do indeed make that call.

So with season seven wrapping at the end of August this year, that is four months without Thrones. Then all of 2018. Finally, add on another five months in 2019. So instead out waiting the usually nine and a half or so months between seasons, we would have to wait roughly 21 months! In other words, the wait time would be nearly double the norm!

When you factor in the final season is only six episodes, and that wait time just becomes an eternity. Once it arrives, it will be gone in a blink. So I would just like to ask HBO, please do not do this to us. We want Thrones, and we want it now!

If the final season gets pushed until 2019, fans may very well go insane coming up with theories for the final six episodes.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is unnecessary to push season eight of Game of Thrones to 2019? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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