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Room 104: New HBO Anthology Series Looks Interesting and Different

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There is nothing like stumbling across a solid new television show. Now, I can’t say for sure that it will be any good, since it will not come out until July 28th of this year, but Room 104 of HBO certainly has my attention. The best part is, I had not even heard of the show until yesterday.

I was simply browsing around the internet when I saw something about a teaser for a new anthology show that is coming to HBO this Summer. The description described it as a thirty-minute show about different characters that rotate through a hotel room. It may seem pretty straightforward, but it had a key element that caught my eye.

That element is that it felt relatable. I have been in a number of hotel rooms over the course of my young life. Just like any other person, I have had the thought “I wonder who else has stayed in this room before me” run through my head a few times.

Then I clicked the play button on the trailer, which you can watch below.

Now obviously, the cast of characters that will run through Room 104 will be more than your average family on vacation. It looks like we have a dancing man in a tuxedo, a priest, some people looking to get freaky in bed, screaming kids just to name a few.

Given it is an anthology series, each episode will simply focus on a different person or persons staying in the room. It is certainly a different type of concept, as each character will likely only appear in one episode. But it will get to tell a bunch of different and entertaining stories while staying fresh.

If the show proves successful, it also has plenty of potential to bring back fan-favorites. Given people go back to the same hotels they find comfortable, seeing a repeat visitor is certainly not out of the cards at any given point.

It also seems like a good show to help get some lesser known actors a shot at the spotlight. Given a single episode will focus on one to a handful of people, it gives actors plenty of room to shine. This would be beneficial for upcoming actors, while also being the type of show that could appeal to some bigger names as well. I could totally see Matthew McConaughey playing a crazed lunatic in a hotel room for 30 minutes.

Based on the teaser, I could already tell that seeing James Van Der Beek as part of the cast will make that episode worth watching. He has some great range, going from highly comical roles to ones where he plays a total psychopath, like he did on Criminal Minds back in 2007 in the role of Tobias Henkel.

So what are your thoughts on the Room 104 teaser? Does it pique your interest? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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