Genard is Becoming Known More and More as a Musician

Darnell Genard Richardson, better known as Genard is an American artist, songwriter and entrepreneur born and raised in the “Woodlawn” area located in the south-east side of Chicago, Illinois.

From hip-hop heavyweights like “Dr. Dre”, “Jay-Z” and “Kanye West”, to R&B legends such as “John Legend” and “Usher”, to modern-day popstars like Drake, Bryson Tiller and Big Sean, Genard’s inspirational influences are diverse and versatile as his style and vibes in his music.

Genard takes people by surprise every time they hear him due to his versatility. On one record he’ll hit you with an amazing melodic R&B sound, then out of now where completely flip the script and deliver witty, lyrical and unique types of cadences in his flows when he raps. With Drake” and “Kanye West” being some of his biggest influences, Genard takes pride in being able to step outside the box labelled “rapper” and surprise people with all kinds of refreshing sounds ranging from R&B, melodic trap, Afro/dancehall and funny-witty lyricism.

At a young age, Genard took a liking to all forms of art whether it was visual arts such as drawing and painting to audio arts like music. He always loved writing ideas, stories, plays and poetry, so when “Kanye West” dropped College Dropout in 2004, this drastically changed Genard’s view on hip-hop and inspired him to convert his poetry into music. With this newfound passion, he then a majority of his time perfecting his craft, building networks, recording music and performing live locally throughout Illinois, opening for acts such
as “Wiz Khalifah” and “Kendrick Lamar” earlier in their careers.

In 2018 he then relocated to Los Angeles, California based on relationships and networks created over the years in Chicago. Literally, two weeks after arriving in LA, he was invited to the “Def
Jam Records” rap camp, which was a writing camp for all of the newly signed artists. This event was spearheaded by Steven Victor, (Former President of A&R at Def Jam) Alexander “AE” Edwards, (Vice President of A&R at Def Jam) Pedro “Dro” Genao, (A&R/Management at Def Jam and Shady Records) and Ricobeats (former A&R at Def Jam and Pop Smokes Manager).

Dro and Rico were impressed with his Songwriting versatility and directly paired Genard with some of their newly signed artists to help develop their sounds. This writing camp then led to a
few label placements with GS9 “Fetty Luciano” and “Landstrip Chip” which was featured on the album titled “Undisputed”.

This new experience with a major record label inspired him to pair up with a team of investors to recreate this family type atmosphere by creating his own record label in addition to releasing his
own music, following in one of his biggest inspirations Jay-Z footsteps.


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