A DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) degree is one of the most advanced postgraduate courses in management and business education. If you are a business leader who wants to build on their skills to solve complex business problems and strengthen their abilities, this degree provides a more theoretical approach to teaching, combining independent research and modules that concentrate on real world business orientated thinking which can be applied directly to business management.

If you are undecided on whether a DBA is right for your career path, here are some of the benefits that you can receive, which may sway your decision.

Explore Your Business Passions and Interests

A DBA degree is perfect for individuals who are passionate about business practice rather than theory. This programme provides you with the freedom and flexibility to examine specific areas of research that enhance your own company’s needs. For those who are interested in non-for-profit management or business ethics, a DBA enables you to tailor your learning to match such ambitions and interests.

More Career Opportunities

Obtaining a DBA not only recognises you as a specialist in your field, but results in a substantial set of decision-making and management skills that qualify you for senior level positions. Whether you’re interested in becoming a researcher, consultant, or run your own enterprise, a DBA will open more career doors and improve your chances of finding your dream role.

Competitive Advantage

If you have lots of experience working in management or leadership roles, the DBA is perfect for boosting your leadership skills while enhancing solutions and strategies. Depending on the provider you pick, your DBA may involve you completing coursework that covers quantitative and qualitative business research methods, as well as sectors that interest you most, including accounting, organisational behaviour and human resource management. All these fields will give you a competitive advantage when seeking senior level positions.

Stand Out from Other Candidates

DBA degrees tend to be pursued by senior level executives and workers who already possess an MBA and have vast professional experience. If you would like to distinguish yourself from other candidates, a DBA showcases your high level of business competence, but also your dedication to your personal and professional growth. Obtaining a DBA will show that you’re willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to succeed in the business sector.


If you are already in full time employment, finding the time to commit to a degree can be challenging. Thankfully, there are providers who offer part-time, distance-learning DBA UK programmes which let you advance your learning while working in your existing position. Being able to study at your own pace will mean you can put your full efforts and concentration into your course when you have the time, as well as learn in an environment like your home where you feel most comfortable.

Learn Advanced Skills and Methods

Most employers are more likely to choose graduates with a DBA over an MBA. This is because they will be better equipped with more advanced knowledge and techniques that come with obtaining a DBA. Although DBA coursework is notorious for being thorough and rigorous, employers will be impressed with the hard work and drive you have to excel. There are tons of skills that you will learn and develop throughout your DBA, such as writing, communication, and time management.

Better Salary Potential

Naturally, the more credentials and qualifications you obtain, the better chance you have of getting senior level roles. Many students who complete an MBA can command a higher salary, with six figure sales being the norm. There are even smaller businesses that pay out more to DBA degree graduates, which is why you should consider this route if you want financial stability and security.

Boost in Confidence

If you already have an MBA degree behind you and want to attain additional credentials, studying for a DBA is a no brainer. While you may be hesitant to embark on the most advanced postgraduate course there is, you will notice a huge boost in your confidence and self-esteem. As you pass each module and work towards your end goal, this will set you up for success in the business world. Having the right technical skills and experience under your belt will make you more attractive to employers.

Obtaining a DBA degree will open more doors for leadership in the business sector. Throughout your course, you will learn a variety of transferable skills that you can utilise effectively in the workplace, helping you to flourish in executive roles.


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