A workout is hard on your body, which is a good thing because you’re trying to push it. But you still need to make sure you give yourself time to rest and recover. When you finish your workout, you might want nothing more than to lie on the floor and not get up for days.

However, working on your recovery once you’re finished is just as important as the workout itself. You don’t want to be so full of aches and pains that it takes forever before you’re ready to get back to the gym.

Take note of these techniques to help you recover post-workout.

Start with Your Workout

If you want to be able to recover well after your workout, you have to begin with doing the right exercise. It’s important to try and push yourself further. But you shouldn’t try so hard that you can barely move afterward. Straining too far could end up with your hurting yourself or being unable to train again for days. If you keep pushing so hard that you can’t move at the end of every workout, you could be doing damage to your body. Your energy will end up going toward repairing your muscles, rather than helping to grow them.

Nutrition and Supplements

What you eat and when you eat it are important factors for your recovery. Firstly, you should consider eating before your workout. You need plenty of energy before you start, but you don’t want to have eaten a huge meal. Lean protein and potassium-rich food can help to aid your recovery. But try not to eat less than two hours before your workout. When you’re finished, you can try using the best post workout supplement you can find. You can eat bananas or potatoes for potassium after your workout. Drink a protein shake afterward too. These things will all help you to get back on your feet.

Remember to Stretch

Don’t skip stretching once you’ve finished your workout. You might have stretched before you began, but it’s important to cool down and do it afterward too. It helps to keep you flexible and your muscles pliable, which can improve your performance. You should give yourself at least 20 minutes to cool down and stretch to help relieve tension.

It can also contribute to keeping you healthy by reducing cholesterol.

Relax and Get Some Sleep

Everyone needs to get plenty of quality sleep, and it’s even more important if you work out regularly. Sleep gives your body time to repair itself so that you’re ready to face your next workout. Reducing your stress is also an essential thing to do because stress can make your recovery time longer. Find healthy ways to deal with the stress that comes from work, family and anything else that causes you to feel tightly wound.

Giving yourself time to recover is just as important as working hard at the gym. Listen to your body so you know when it’s time to keep going and when you need to have a rest.

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