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Health and Fitness: Mind The Thigh Gap Obsession

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(Image courtesy of www.viralpost.com)
(Image courtesy of www.viralpost.com)

Probably one of the most hotly debated topics going around, the obsession with the thigh gap among today’s young women is both trendy and very alarming.

Women traditionally have been very self-conscious of their health and appearance, the brand of beauty and health trends such as the thigh gap has now become the trend of discussion. Simply put, every woman is conscious of her looks, but the thigh gap poses serious implications about a person’s health too.

Some basic information for readers who might be unfamiliar, the thigh gap refers to the distance between your two thighs when you are standing upright.

The lesser the gap, the bulkier is the body as the normative definition goes.  The cause for concern from the health perspective is one to consider, because whilst we do not promote the taking up of one particular kind of look as the standard of beauty for women, we do feel the need to point out the positivity that comes from taking up some dieting and slimming yourself a little.

How does it help?

  • You feel fitter – Even if athletics or physical activities are a basic part of your life, it always pays to have your body fit for an extra amount of physical exertion. Could be for a tough day at work or could be just to pace yourself to make sure that you do not burn out too quickly. If that does not convince you enough, then think long-term. As your body ages, this fitness is what keeps your level of activity from decaying too much.  The secondary aspect is your confidence.  Whereas this varies generally, you do feel more confident if you feel your physical prowess is up to the mark.  Being active just makes you feel all the more positive as opposed lethargy bringing the opposite mental effect.
  • Lesser risk of heart disease – Obesity and heart disease usually go together in terms of statistics. Whilst we are not saying that slimmer people are immune from heart diseases, they do have a lesser chance of contracting it. It must be noted however, that obesity itself is not the evil we are targeting but if you have consumed a lot of junk food and hence are now obese then yes you are at a greater risk of heart problems.
  • Clothes – This is the more contentious piece, and again, we repeat that this is not to shame certain kinds of looks. The thing is, you cannot enjoy certain pieces of fashion or clothing if your body is not being contained. Especially when your formal gatherings occur, then you want to dress up to look presentable, and certain pieces of clothing like skirts of jeans go well with toned thighs.  The largely-visited tourist attractions within the United States such as Orlando, see an increase in the intake of junk food.

Obviously, this post is not meant to completely bar out junk food from people’s lives but merely to recommend them to partake more caution within their diet.  As stated above, it must also be taken note that anorexia is the other extreme of the spectrum which is also something not healthy for women anywhere.

Just as being too bulky is an ill so too is being too thin. The idea of talking about the thigh gap is more to tell women about taking care of their body, not just for the semblance of appearance but also because it paves the way for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

As with all things and the thigh gap, moderation is the order of the day.

(Author Bio:  Zyana Morris is a guest blogger who writes about various health-related topics. She also writes for different health-related brands.)

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