When you hear the word roof, you might take a trip down memory lane to Nelly’s Hot In Here music video, in where the DJ shouted about it being on fire, in which everyone shouted back “The roof the roof the roof is on fire! “But we’ll talk about a different kind of problem in this article, today you will be guided through the common problems of the protective covering of your home – which isn’t being on fire.

A roof may appear to be the most insignificant structure to look at when you’re picking out houses. It’s probably because it seems so general, like all houses have them right? But in the long run you will fully grasp its crucial role. I mean another term for a house is “a roof over one’s head,” which basically explains the value of the part (read more). A house is not a house if it cannot protect its inhabitants. It should provide shelter against heavy snow and rain, strong winds, heat and sunlight, and extremes of temperature. It should also preserve your properties and estates. When it’s not properly functioning its part, you might want to start consider examining it for damages.

You see, the primary covering of your home can get damages in the course of the years, depending on its material, its installation, the climate it faces and its surroundings. Scanning it from time to time can definitely help you save a large amount of money, just by noticing the little damages early and repairing it immediately, can lessen the probability of a complete replacement. After all, small problems only need simple solutions.

Here are Three Common Roof Problems:


Flawed or Shoddy Installation

Let’s start at the beginning. Problems highly occur because of faulty or wrong installation of it in the first place – especially when certain damages took place during the life span of the system. Not only does it drastically opens the possibility of long term problems to arise but also decreases its life expectancy. Good roofing companies, like Carsa Construction – top roofing company, offer installation at a reasonable price and have full capability of doing the job efficiently. Check their credentials and reviews from previous clients or customers so you will be guaranteed that they will offer quality work. Although some companies may cost less upfront, they might cost twice more than the allotted budget you set out in the long run.


Leaks are the problems that are most commonly dealt by homeowners and can be the most disastrous. Small leaks can be obscured for years and by the time homeowners are aware of the leaks, it already has caused a great deal of damage. This trouble can transpire despite what roofing system you have. While some leaks are hardly noticeable, some are easily perceived. If you spot water marks or discoloration along the ceilings, and on walls, or the walls being moist, you might want to go and inspect for leaks.

Leaks can arise from different causes; majority comes from inexact installation or damaged flashing (A thin metal used to seal the juncture of a certain structure to block out water), uncompact adhesion resulting in the creation of lapses between materials, and wrecked materials like slate, shingles, etc. All of these can pave way for water to penetrate through the roof, which can cause moisture to be infiltrated between layers of the roof that later on turns to leaks present in your home until it commences the development of molds. Generally leaks are most likely to happen around broken shingles, gutters, pipes, vents, flashing points, close to the chimney and structures normally protruding from the top of your home). Read more from The Spruce: https://www.thespruce.com/help-how-do-i-determine-what-is-causing-my-roof-leak-2902114.

Stagnant Water

This type of issue usually happens with low sloped types which have little to no pitch like the flat ones. The levelled surface makes it harder for the liquid to flow down which can result in a pool of water on standby that could usually cause moisture infiltration through your ceiling and can later on lead to a variety of problems like leaks. In this certain situation it’s best to hire a professional to consult your needs like installing a drainage or a gutter system, and high quality flashing that will work perfectly with your type of roof to avert the chances of water accumulating in a particular area.

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