Got a funeral coming up? If so, you need to get a casket.

Many suppliers offer them, from large stores like Costco – to smaller and more local stores. However, a casket isn’t something you get often. It’s something you get once in a while, and it’s expensive. So you need to pick the right suppliers. And today, we’ll help you with that.

We have 5 steps you should follow. Check them all out, and start your purchase.

#1 – Look for a Cheap Supplier.

Casket prices vary widely, depending on who you buy them from. Some will charge thousands of dollars. And others will charge less than that (while giving quality).

Do a price comparison. Don’t just look at 1 supplier. Look at a few. You need a good sample size to find the supplier that suits you. Pick 3 to 4 stores that are near your location, and sift through each! And on the topic of location…

#2 – Make Sure They’re Close.

Caskets are large items. And you’re usually not shipping them yourself. The supplier will ship the caskets for you. And many will charge exorbitant fees to deliver the item to your door. In that situation, you want to pick a nearby supplier. Make sure they’re within your city (or state if possible).

Also, try to find one that delivers for cheap. Because you don’t want to overpay just to get a casket!

Another Thing.

Why not seek a casket supplier that delivers for free?

Many services do just that. And it’s because the price of the casket usually incorporates the delivery fees. But it’s still better than paying to receive the item. That way, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars!

What About Delivery Speed?

You want a casket that’s delivered in record time. The maximum you should wait is 1-2 days.

Why? It’s because you want to get on with the funeral. So you shouldn’t have to wait long to get the item. If a service delivers within more than 3 days, then we recommend ignoring them.

#3 – Clear Specs Info.

Caskets differ by pricing, material, thickness, and durability. You need a casket supplier that gives you the full details. The details should be on the website, and without having to ask.

This lets you properly evaluate what suits your needs. That way, you get a casket that doesn’t break down or cause problems upon use!

#4 – Multiple Items in Store.

A casket supplier shouldn’t just provide 1 or 2 items. They should give you multiple options to explore. After all, why limit yourself? Why stick to a supplier that doesn’t offer the variety necessary for your budget?

How Much Variety?

Caskets are designed for different purposes and individuals. Some are for cremation, and others are for normal burials. You then have different caskets for different body sizes.

And what about color and interiors? The interior of a casket should be durable, and resistant to long-term wear. Also, the design should be elegant. You need a casket that can properly frame the deceased person’s remains.

Now, you don’t get those options in small shops. You gain them in shops that have multiple pages for you to sift through.

And those tend to be experienced suppliers.

Speaking of those…

#5 – Avoid Startups.

Try to check for the credentials of your casket supplier.

Make sure they’re well-versed in what they do. Check their reviews, and see how other clients perceive them. They should have years under their belt doing what they do. And they should have high satisfaction rates too!

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