When you run a business, you must be able to get in touch with your customer base and reach them in a way that is going to entice them to spend money with you, not put them off using you altogether. There is often a fine line between good advertising and annoying your potential customers, and staying on the right side of that line is something that all good business owners need to understand how to do. Read on for some great ideas about reaching your customer base and boosting your profits effectively.


Direct Mailings

Direct mail advertising means sending promotional material directly – as the name suggests – to your customer base. In the past, this was a very effective way to reach a lot of people in one go for a limited budget, but over time the idea of ‘junk mail’ because something that people just weren’t interested in, and much of this type of advertising went online.

Today, though, things are changing once more. With people getting less and less mail in general, anything that does get delivered will be looked at more closely, so direct mail could well be an excellent method of standing out from the crowd.



Retargeting is another excellent way to reach your customer base, and it can be very useful for those who have a limited marketing budget but still want to make an impact. Retargeting is a method of collecting data from the people who visit various websites and then uses that data to show them ads that they are going to be interested in. If you have ever been browsing the internet and then moved onto Facebook or a similar site and seen an ad for exactly what you had just been looking for, this is how retargeting works.

The idea behind retargeting is to remind potential customers that they had been about to make a purchase or have been thinking about doing so and showing them the options available to them. This constant reminder can help to push the customer into a decision more quickly.


Social Media

Social media might be the ultimate means of connecting with your target customer base when you run a business. When you think that the majority of the adult population has at least one social media account, and they use it regularly – every day, and often multiple times a day – you can see how beneficial it would be for your business to have such an account as well.

Posting interesting information that links to your site and your products, engaging with customers, and using the various paid for marketing methods that allow you to put your advertising in front of exactly the people who would be most interested in buying from you means that you can utilize social media to help you grow your business.

The first step is to find out which site or sites your target market uses the most, and then create your own business social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or elsewhere to make the most of the technology available.


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