Divorce is an emotional process that can survive even the most powerful person. Even if the separatist parties decide to end the union peacefully or by court procedure, the situation can be complicated, especially if there are children involved. A divorce attorney or Haifa Divorce Lawyer is there to make the process smoother and to negotiate better terms to satisfy their client. Our supervisors have experience in this area. They deal with this situation with great confidence. Avriel Adv. gives you a detailed plan and other remedial measures. So, join us now as soon as possible

A good law firm is not measured by the size of its office. It is measured by their team of attorneys, full experience and success rate. With years of experience, a very high level of success and a team of top divorce lawyers in our area.

If you are looking for the best divorce lawyers or Avriel Advt o help you separate separately from any of the above family courts you will have come to the right place. With the Mutual Divorce Online team by your side, you don’t have to worry about filling out paperwork, visiting the courtroom or other tons of procedures needed to start the process. We ensure less court hearings and make the divorce declaration faster.

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If the marriage is solemnized in terms of Halacha (Jewish religious law) or if both spouses are Jewish, the divorce proceedings are possible only in a rabbinic court in Israel. Other matters, such as the granting of child support or the support of a spouse, the division of property in conjunction with the child’s or children’s residence can be resolved in an Israeli court of law, which is a family court. Here the priority factor plays a very important role: The court – whether public or rabbinic – where these issues will be discussed and decided will be the one chosen by any partner who will first choose a court to resolve the above issues.

If one of the spouses is not a Jew, all the issues related to divorce must be resolved in the family court of Israel in the region where the couple last lived under the same roof.

Haifa Divorce Lawyer is a family law lawyer with expertise in family law expertise and all matters relating to marriage and divorce in Israel. If you turn to our offices, you can be sure that your divorce will be as quick and straightforward as possible.


Dispute, the first thing you should do is get legal advice. At the first consultation meeting, the existing situation is examined, in order to select the path and steps to be taken later, and especially to avoid costly mistakes down the road. Therefore, this is the most important step in the divorce proceedings and in any family dispute, and we need to consult a senior and experienced attorney. When there is a need to take a case to court, our office often adjusts the winning strategy of each client according to their goals and needs.

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